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Products from Avantone

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Avantone CLA-10A Aktive Avantone CLA-10A Aktive
Just like the CLA-10 passive speakers , the Avantone CLA10A is a true replica of the classic Yamaha NS10 speakers and was designed together with studio veteran Chris Lord-Alge. The reissue of the tweeters and woofers is even so successful that they can be used as spare parts for old NS10s! As active monitors, each speaker contains its own Class AB power amplifier with 200W...
Content 1 pcs.
€1,228.99 *
Avantone CLA-200 Avantone CLA-200
The no-compromise high-performance power amplifier. The Avantone Pro CLA-200 studio reference amplifier is a classically designed class A/B amplifier. We took special care to design a traditional studio-style amplifier, with generous VU meters, high-quality Japanese components, and a linear toroidal transformer. In a standard 2U rack-mount chassis, this amplifier can deliver...
Content 1 pcs.
€978.99 *
Avantone Gauss 7 Avantone Gauss 7
AVANTONE PRO presents the Gauss 7 nearfield monitor - Sold in pairs Under the name Gauss 7 , Avantone Pro is launching the first model of a new loudspeaker series, named after the well-known loudspeaker company "Gauss". Avantone Pro Gauss 7 is designed as a 2-way system and consists of a 65mm Air Motion tweeter developed in-house and a 7-inch bass speaker. The power output...
Content 1 pcs.
€754.99 *
Avantone CLA-10 Passive Avantone CLA-10 Passive
The "white dome" is back! Avantone Pro - in collaboration with mixing legend Chris Lorde-Alge - has developed the most faithful replica of the most iconic studio monitor of all time. Now, truly anyone can mix on the monitors that defined the "Hitmaker Sound." An incredible development effort has been made to make this monitor available to all. Black cabinet. White dome. Wide...
Content 1 pcs.
€698.99 *
Avantone CLA-100 Avantone CLA-100
The newest member of the CLA product family , the 100W RMS per channel CLA-100 is a rugged, convection-cooled 1U rack-mount amplifier with the classic sound of AB-class hi-fi and studio equipment. Similar to its more powerful brother, the CLA-100 is powered by an oversized toroidal transformer and loaded with generous, high-quality Japanese filter caps, driven by power...
Content 1 pcs.
€578.98 *