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Akai MPC Live II - B-Stock

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Customer return in top condition.With original accessories and cardboard box, as well as... more
Akai MPC Live II - B-Stock

Customer return in top condition.With original accessories and cardboard box, as well as full 3 years MusoTec guarantee.

Wherever inspiration grabs you
For all musicians who do not want to miss an inspiring moment: Here is MPC Live II. This self-contained, battery-powered production hardware delivers the full MPC experience anywhere.

Immerse yourself in professional music production
MPC Live II is the first MPC with a built-in monitoring system. Designed from the ground up, this dual tweeter-bass speaker system delivers impeccable clarity that supports the creative process. Hear every detail of your production - crunching 808 beats, the distinctive, punchy sound of MPC drums, thunderous bass lines and a precise, silky high-end. Want a second perspective? Turn off the built-in monitors, connect your studio speakers, and you're ready to go.

An original MPC
Under the hood, MPC Live II has the same multi-core processor as the MPC X, with all the features you expect from a modern MPC. Always stay in control of your production with the legendary Akai Professional 16-pad format. The bright, full-color 7-inch touchscreen lets you sequence, chopping and edit your samples. Four touch-capacitive controls let you turn your ideas into reality with precision, and the arsenal of dedicated, workflow-oriented controls lets you stay in control of all the critical functions. Combined with a super-intuitive interface and all the features you need for professional production, MPC Live II lets you focus on realizing your creativity.

Mobile workhorse
As a producer, versatility is important - with MPC Live II, you're prepared for any situation. With three 6.3mm stereo TRS outputs (6 mono), phono/line level inputs, USB, MIDI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4 TRS CV/Gate outputs, you'll get the most out of your studio gear. Take control of your modular setup on stage and take your performance in a new direction; use a patch cord and use your rack equipment from the studio; connect your USB MIDI controllers, select a synth engine and deliver an immersive, expressive performance; connect your turntables and add a touch of old-school sampling to your production. In a producer's everyday life, it's from different studios to the stage and back again - no matter what your day demands, with MPC Live II you're prepared for any scenario.

The control center of your studio
When we say that MPC Live II can take command of all your external MIDI equipment, we mean it. The latest models in the standalone, multicore-enabled Akai Professional MPC series now feature the new MIDI Multi Function, turning your MPC into the ultimate MIDI sequencer. Now you can simultaneously connect and route all of your studio's MIDI accessories, including class-compliant USB keyboards, MIDI interfaces and USB-to-CV modules, multiplying your I/O potential. Combined with internal MIDI routing capabilities across multiple tracks, comprehensive MIDI routing to compatible synthesizers, drum machines or sound modules, and multitrack recording capabilities, your MPC becomes the heart of every music production, taking the power of your equipment to a new level.

Unleashed creativity
Whenever and wherever inspiration strikes you, MPC Live II lets you express your creativity wherever and whenever you want, thanks to its rugged, tour-ready, compact design and built-in 5-hour lithium-ion battery.

MPC Software 2
The newly designed MPC 2 software from Akai Professional controls MPC Live II in both standalone and controller mode. This innovative production package offers real-time time-stretching, clip launch capabilities, built-in synth engines, VST compatibility in controller mode, stand-alone Mac & PC operation, seamless DAW integration, and much more. Whether you're looking to break free from computer-based music production or find the perfect controller for creative experimentation with your DAW, the MPC 2 software gives you the ultimate in creative versatility.

Splice Integration
Simplify sample browsing and previewing with MPC Live II's built-in splice functionality. Splice Sounds inspires the creativity of producers around the world with millions of high-quality, royalty-free samples, sounds, presets and loops that cover every style of music. Splice is natively integrated into MPC Live II, and a touchscreen gives you instant access to your own splice library over Wi-Fi.

Ableton Live Integration
MPC Live II is pre-configured for Ableton Live, so you can start performing and producing right away. Control Live's clip-launching, mixing and instrument macros via the wireless Ableton Link or via an Ethernet connection using a USB-Ethernet adapter. Ableton Live's comprehensive production capabilities, award-winning synth engines and fast, intuitive workflow make any creative endeavor a snap.

Storage & Connectivity
MPC Live II comes standard with 16GB of internal Micro-SD storage. For producers who need even more storage space, MPC Live II features a built-in SD card slot, a 2.5-inch SATA drive bay for connecting SSD or HDD drives, and a USB stick input for instant access to your own sample libraries.


  • Standalone MPC - no computer required

  • Built-in monitor loudspeakers

  • High-resolution 7-inch multi-touch display

  • 16 touch-sensitive RGB pads

  • Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Also serves as user interface for MPC 2.0 software

  • Phono and line level inputs

  • (3) Stereo outputs (6 mono)

  • (2) 5-pin MIDI In, (2) 5-pin MIDI Out

  • 2GB RAM

  • 16GB onboard storage space

  • SD-Card Slot in full size

  • User-expandable 2.5" SATA hard drive connector (SSD or HDD)

  • (2) USB-A 3.0 inputs for USB sticks or MIDI controllers

  • 4 TRS CV/Gate TRS outputs, 8 outputs in total

  • WLAN & Bluetooth capable

  • Ableton Link for cross-platform collaboration

  • Includes 3 months free access to Splice*



  • 16 impact and pressure sensitive pads, RGB backlit

  • 8 banks, access via pad bank keys


  • 4 360° touch-sensitive Q-Link controllers

  • 4 rows with Q-Link controllers, access via Q-Link button

  • 1 360° encoder for display navigation and selection via print


  • 27 dedicated function keys; backlight in red, amber or green


  • 6.9" / 176 mm (diagonal)

  • 5.9" x 3.7" / 150 x 93 mm (width x height)

  • Full color, LED backlit display with touch interface

CPU & disk space

  • Quad-core ARM® processor RAM: 2 GB

  • 16 GB, expandable via SATA connections


  • 2 ¼" (6.35 mm) TRS inputs (1 stereo pair)

  • 6 ¼" (6.35 mm) TRS outputs (3 stereo pairs)

  • ¼" (6.35 mm) Stereo headphone output

  • RCA inputs (1 stereo pair)

  • 2 5-pin MIDI inputs

  • 2 5-pin MIDI outputs

  • 4 Stereo CV/Gate outputs

  • Ethernet Link Port

  • USB Type A Ports

  • 1 USB type-B port

  • 1 SD card slot

  • 1 mains adapter input

Power supply & Batteries

  • 19 V, 3.42 A, positive polarity, included

  • Lithium-ion, rechargeable, up to 5 hours operating time


(width x depth x height)

16.2" x 9.6" x 1.8

411.5 x 243.8 x 45.7mm

Weight 7.45 lbs. - 3.38kg