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Audient ASP510

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Stereo and Surround Sound Monitor Controller The audient ASP510 can be conveniently... more
Audient ASP510

Stereo and Surround Sound Monitor Controller

The audient ASP510 can be conveniently integrated into any analog or workstation-based surround setup and provides comprehensive control of monitoring and recording functions for a wide variety of surround formats such as 5.1, LCRS, Dolby, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DTS or SACD. This makes the ASP510 the perfect solution for a variety of applications such as surround music production, DVD/SACD/DTS authoring, post production, film production, video game production, digital television, AV production or multi-channel OB vans.


  • Supports three 5.1 surround and three stereo sources

  • 6 Preset monitoring formats

  • 8 inputs for consoles or DAW (5.1 surround plus stereo)

  • 8 outputs for recorders (5.1 surround plus stereo)

  • Switchable encoder/decoder insertion point

  • 6 trimmable speaker outputs

  • Individual speaker cut/isolate functions

  • Universal solo and monitor system interface

  • User definable reference and dim monitoring levels

  • Frequency response: 22 Hz -22 kHz

  • Pink Noise Generator

  • Input for Guide Track

  • Ergonomic control panel

  • 120 Hz sub-bass filter

  • 25pin D-type females for: 5.1 surround playback A and B, 5.1 surround bus inputs

  • 25pin D-type males for: 5.1 surround recording A and B, speaker outputs, encoder

  • 1 height unit 19″ (ASP510)

  • Dimensions remote control: 230 x 120 x 40 mm

  • Weight: 5000 g

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