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Avantone CLA-10

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The "white dome" is back! Avantone Pro - in collaboration with mixing legend Chris... more
Avantone CLA-10

The "white dome" is back!

Avantone Pro - in collaboration with mixing legend Chris Lorde-Alge - has developed the most faithful replica of the most iconic studio monitor of all time. Now, truly anyone can mix on the monitors that defined the "Hitmaker Sound." An incredible development effort has been made to make this monitor available to all. Black cabinet. White dome. Wide frequency response. This monitor is not famous as the best monitor, but as the best reference - The sound that produces hits.

Since the "white dome monitor" was discontinued, prices for replacement parts have skyrocketed and parts as such have become increasingly difficult to obtain. Avantone Pro have developed a near exact replica of the original drivers. Through years of experience and global resources, the parts have been faithfully reproduced and the materials used have been selected to meet modern manufacturing and environmental standards.

The AV10-MHF tweeter cone went through an extensive development process with phenolic resin treatment to achieve the same measurement curve as the original. The AV10-MLF woofer is made of custom components that also match the original. To achieve the same strength and weight as the original, Avantone Pro has collaborated with one of the original manufacturers. The new pressed cone allows for more accurate matching than the original, making matched speaker pairs available today for the first time!


  • Model Type: Passive full-range 2-way speaker pair

  • Frequency response: 60Hz-20,000Hz

  • Power handling Program - 60W, Max- 120W

  • Sensitivity : 90dB SPL (1W, 1m)

  • Woofer AV10-MLF: 18cm cone

  • Tweeter AV10-MHF: 3.5cm soft dome

  • Enclosure 10.4 liters closed, 18mm MDF with real wood veneer

  • Cabinet dimensions: 381.5mm x 215mm x197.5mm

  • Weight: 6.3kg / piece

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