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Avantone Gauss 7

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AVANTONE PRO presents the Gauss 7 nearfield monitor - Sold in pairs Under the name... more
Avantone Gauss 7

AVANTONE PRO presents the Gauss 7 nearfield monitor - Sold in pairs

Under the name Gauss 7, Avantone Pro is launching the first model of a new loudspeaker series, named after the well-known loudspeaker company "Gauss". Avantone Pro Gauss 7 is designed as a 2-way system and consists of a 65mm Air Motion tweeter developed in-house and a 7-inch bass speaker. The power output is 120W for the woofer and 60W for the tweeter. The frequency response is specified by the manufacturer as 30 Hz to 22 kHz.

With Gauss 7, Avantone Pro introduces a new active full-range monitor with air motion tweeter. The bass speaker of the CLA-10 has been significantly revised. In combination with the completely newly developed GAU-AMT Air Motion Transformer, the result is high-quality and precise audio reproduction from the lowest bass to the highest overtones. A total of 180 watts of power amplifier output and extensive room adjustment options make the Gauss 7 an incorruptible listening reference that lives up to the traditional Gauss name.

Technical data:

  • Operating principle: Active full-range two-way stereo pair.

  • Cabinet: Bass reflex design, MDF with real wood veneer

  • Components: Woofer: 17.8 cm Ferrite Motor GAU-7MLF, Tweeter: 6.5 cm GAU-AMT.

  • Frequency response: 30Hz-22,000Hz

  • power amplifiers: tweeter: 60 Watt, woofer: 120 Watt

  • Power amp type: Bi-amped Class D

  • SPL: 103dB (peak)

  • THD: 0,5%

  • Gauss drivers

  • Room adjustment options on the rear panel

  • Inputs: XLR male and 6.3 mm jack

  • Width: 23.5 cm

  • Height: 38.1 cm

  • Depth: 21.2 cm

  • Weight: 8.2 kg (per unit)