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Dreadbox Nyx V2

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Paraphonic Desktop Synthesizer Named after the Greek goddess of the night, the original... more
Dreadbox Nyx V2

Paraphonic Desktop Synthesizer

Named after the Greek goddess of the night, the original Nyx already convinced with a fresh concept and the unique, spherical sound.

With Nyx V2, the Greek boutique manufacturer based its design and form factor on the highly praised Erebus V3, which allows for a much more intuitive and, thanks to the total of 30 patch points, more flexible playing and even more complex integration into Eurorack systems. The powerful oscillators known from its predecessor can be flexibly routed and tuned, which, together with the dual VCF (LP, HP, BP & PAR), which can also be routed independently of each other, allows endless sound design possibilities.

Another highlight of the Nyx V2 is the extraordinary reverb based on the Splash Mk3 from Crazy Tube Circuits. The reverb effect, which ranges from dark, ambient drone sounds to epic leads à la Blade Runner, has been given four additional controls, making it much more than a simple effect, but a fixed component that makes up the characteristic sound of the handmade desktop synthesizer.

On the rear panel, Nyx V2 offers a Line Out, Phones Out, Midi In & Thru, as well as a series of dip switches for adjusting the Midi channel and switching between Unison and Duophone mode.


  • Semi-modular desktop synthesizer

  • Fully analog sound generation

  • two independent oscillators (paraphone)

  • OSC 1 with square & sawtooth

  • OSC 2 with triangle & sawtooth

  • Switchable VCO (Normal / Split / VCA / Half)

  • Dual filter (LP / HP / BP / Parallel)

  • Two modulators, each switchable as envelope or LFO

  • Separate LFO

  • VCA with Fall & Hold, as well as "Drone" function (played sound is held)

  • High quality reverb based on CTC Splash Mk3

  • 30 patch points

  • Line Out & Headphones Out

  • Midi-In & Thru

  • Duophone & Unison mode

  • Completely handmade in Athens

  • Dimensions: 355 x 65 x 180 mm

  • Weight: 1900 g

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