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Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ

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As with ELI’s other signal processors , the Lil FrEQ Equalizer takes a somewhat unique... more
Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ

As with ELI’s other signal processors, the Lil FrEQ Equalizer takes a somewhat unique approach to its job. Instead of daisy chaining several equalizers and frequency processors, we combined most of the sound sculpting tools an engineer needs into a compact single rack space box, while still offering the highest performance of any design in its class.


  • Equalization Empirical Labs Style

  • Freq. Response – 5 Hz to 140 kHz on transformerless inputs and outputs

  • Transformer Output response is 10 Hz to 110 kHz

  • Dynamic Range – 120 dB from maximum output (.1% clipping) to minimum output; greater than 110 dB signal to noise

  • Distortion Ranges between .00056% and .005% depending on mode and settings; DS section has THD < .005%

  • DC coupled Input and Outputs and one transformer coupled output

  • High quality audio caps used internally

  • Dynamic Time Constants – Attack is approximately .5 mS, release .04 sec, fixed internally.