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Fluid Audio FX8W - pair

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Studio Nearfield Monitors Fluid Audio's FX8 not only offers outstanding depth... more
Fluid Audio FX8W - pair

Studio Nearfield Monitors

Fluid Audio's FX8 not only offers outstanding depth gradation, its excellent locating sharpness allows even the finest reverb tails to be perceived and judged. The front-panel faders are also practical, allowing you to quickly and easily change the monitoring volume if necessary. The Fluid Audio FX8 is a 2-way coaxial studio monitor with tweeters and woofers on the exact axis, so you'll rediscover nuances of your music that conventional monitors can barely reproduce.

  • Housing: vinyl-coated MDF

  • Magnetically shielded 8 inch woofer with high density paper cone

  • 1? tweeter with silk cone

  • Crossover frequency: 2.4 kHz

  • Front side bass reflex export

  • Transmission range: 35Hz-22kHz

  • Class AB power amplifiers (70 W/woofer, 60 W/tweeter)

  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >100 dB (A-weighted)

  • Rear mounted external heat sink

  • Inputs: XLR and jack (balanced), cinch (unbalanced)

  • Input impedance XLR/jack: 20 kOhm

  • Input impedance cinch: 10 kOhm

  • Front volume control

  • Shielded against HF interferences

  • output current limiter

  • Overheating, transient and subsonic protection circuit

  • Auto standby function according to EU directive 2005/32/EC

  • Power supply: internal power supply, 115 V/230 V, switchable

  • Power indicator: LED (blue= active, red= standby)

  • dimensions: 34,0 x 25,4 x 27,0 cm

  • Weight: 9,8 kg (per box)