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Genelec 8050BPM

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The Genelec 8050 is the largest 2-way studio monitor in the 8000 series. It is suitable... more
Genelec 8050BPM

The Genelec 8050 is the largest 2-way studio monitor in the 8000 series. It is suitable for music production, mastering, post-production and broadcast. With large level reserves, it is designed for close and medium listening distances even in larger rooms up to approx. 40 m².

The robust aluminium housing offers decisive acoustic advantages: The rounded edges prevent sound diffraction and ensure perfect location and imaging. The sound guide offers a wide listening zone and an absolutely neutral sound.

Even outside of the sweet spot you can work without fatigue and make decisions with confidence. The long flow-optimised bass reflex channel extends the bass range up to 32 Hz. Discolouration caused by positioning can be compensated by switchable filters. The frequency response can thus be linearised even if the speaker is not ideally positioned.

The Iso-Pod stand decouples and allows the speaker to be tilted to align with the listening position.  Wall or ceiling mounting is also flexibly possible via threaded holes and suitable accessories.

The 8050 switches on automatically when a signal is applied. After one hour without audio signal, it goes into sleep mode. This function can also be deactivated if required. With still compact dimensions you get a powerful monitoring system with excellent resolution.

Suitable subwoofers are the Genelec 7370 or 7071.


  • Aluminium bass reflex cabinet

  • Exact reproduction due to optimum shaft guidance

  • Active crossover and effective protection circuits

  • Switchable filters for adaptation to the installation site

  • automatic switch on/off

  • Magnetic shielding

  • Iso-Pod base

  • Wide range of mounting options

Technical data:

  • Frequency range: 32 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)

  • Linear frequency response: ± 2 dB (38 Hz - 20 kHz)

  • Sound pressure:110 dB

  • Speakers: 205 mm woofer, 25 mm metal dome tweeter

  • power amplifier output: 150 + 120 watts

  • Dimensions: 433 x 286 x 278 mm (HxWxD), height with Iso-Pod 452 mm

  • Weight: 12,7 kg

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