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KRK V6 S4​​​​​​​

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The V Series combines the best of the latest technologies and what has made KRK monitors... more
KRK V6 S4​​​​​​​

The V Series combines the best of the latest technologies and what has made KRK monitors the industry standard for professional studios over the last 30 years: The KRK V6 is a two-way, full-range reference monitor that delivers professional performance and absolute precision for recording, mixing and mastering. It features a KRK proprietary 1" Kevlar tweeter and a lightweight, KRK proprietary braided 6.5" Kevlar woofer.

By using Kevlar for both the woofer and the tweeter, the monitors have silky treble, precise bass and an extremely dynamic and defined midrange reproduction without any coloration. In addition, the monitors have a wide sweet spot and an impressive spatial imaging.

The KRK's own 155 Watt Class-D amplifier provides fastest transient reproduction and up to 115 dB SPL. The cabinet with a front-mounted bass reflex port prevents bass overlap when placed close to a wall, thus ensuring flexibility in placement.49 different DSP-controlled equalizer presets offer extensive possibilities for suboptimal room conditions, but also for your own style or personal taste.

  • Professional studio near-field monitor from the V Series 4

  • Extremely improved sound image

  • 6.5" Kevlar Woofer

  • 1" Kevlar Tweeter

  • 155 W power (Woofer 125 W/Tweeter 30 W)

  • 49 EQ setting options

  • Balanced XLR/6.3mm jack combo jack

  • 9.4 kg

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