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The  Moog DFAM ‘Drummer from Another Mother'  is a semi modular analogue... more

The Moog DFAM ‘Drummer from Another Mother' is a semi modular analogue percussion synthesizer. As the first extension of the Moog Eco system the DFAM presents itself as an expressive drum synthesizer for creative percussion patterns and rhythms. Thanks to intuitive operation, rhythmic compositions can be made by people of all ages with no previous experience.

Flexible Sound Generation

Driven by an analogue sequencer, DFAM´s sounds are based on a white noise generator and 2x analogue oscillators with a wide pitch range, which can be effortlessly faded between rhythmic beats, reverberant basses and lingering bell sounds. The enormous potential of this instrument was realised through research and space experimentation.

Classic Moog Low/High-Pass Filter

DFAM's distinctive voice is shaped by a classic Moog Ladder filter, in 2x selectable modes:

  • Low pass mode gives every sound a sonorous punch with spatial depth.

  • High pass mode opens the door to natural percussion sounds with sharp and sonorous accents.

3x Envelopes for Vivid Sound Design

DFAM behaves almost like a living organism that reacts differently to individual events. Three dedicated envelopes dynamically work with the sequencer to create breathing drums, evolving industrial sounds, total chaos or restrained sounds with a twist of a button.

Patch-Bay for Bizarre Sounds and for Eurorack Integration

New sounds or strange patterns can be created via the modular 24-point patchbay. DFAM can also be perfectly integrated into modular Eurorack synthesizers.


  • Semi-Modular Analogue Percussion Synthesizer

  • Analogue Sound Generation

  • 2x Oscillators with Triangle & Square Waveforms

  • White Noise Generator

  • Input for External Audio Signals

  • 8-Step Analogue Sequencer with Pitch & Volume per Step

  • Classic 24dB Low & High-Pass Filter

  • 3x Envelopes for VCO, VCF, VCA

  • 24-Point Modular Patch-Bay

  • Mono Audio Output

  • Headphone Output

  • Includes Patch Cables



  • Manufacturer: Moog

  • Construction / Number of Keys: Desktop without keyboard

  • Sound Generation: Analog

  • Number of Knobs: 33

  • Number of Keys: 3

  • Mounting Options: MIDI Step Sequencer

  • LINE IN: Yes

  • LINE OUT: Yes

  • Headphone Connection: Yes

  • Power Supply: Adapter, external

  • incl. Power Adapter: Yes

  • Width (cm): 31.9

  • Height (cm): 10.7

  • Depth (cm): 13.3

  • Weight (kg): 1.5

Content 1 pcs.
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