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Polyend SEQ

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MIDI Step Sequencer Polyend SEQ  is a  32-step MIDI step sequencer... more
Polyend SEQ

MIDI Step Sequencer

Polyend SEQ is a 32-step MIDI step sequencer with eight polyphonic tracks and 256 pattern memory. It has two independent MIDI outputs and a footswitch input for controlling the start, stop and recording of individual sequences, but can also be operated via USB. This makes it possible to play and control both hardware and software devices. Most parameters and values can be read at a glance due to the clear design of the device. Further information and functions are shown on the small display of the Polyend SEQ. Parameters for the steps are Note, Velocity, Length, Modulation and Roll and parameters for the tracks Length, Velocity, Scale, MIDI Channel, MIDI Out. There are also independent playback modes per track, Normal, Reversed, Ping-Pong and Random.


  • MIDI step sequencer with 32 steps

  • 8 polyphonic tracks

  • 256 Patterns

  • 264 silicone keys

  • Six encoders

  • Housing made of oak and aluminium

  • Two independent MIDI outputs

  • Aftertouch: Yes

  • Display: Yes

  • Number of Knobs: 6

  • Number of Keys: 272

  • Power Supply: Adapter, external

  • incl. Power Adapter: Yes

  • Length (cm): 60

  • Height (cm): 4.2

  • Depth (cm): 14.5

  • Weight (kg): 2.1

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