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RME HDSP Time Code Option TCO

RME HDSP Time Code Option TCO
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RME HDSP Time Code Option TCO The TCO module is an optional extension for certain RME... more
RME HDSP Time Code Option TCO

RME HDSP Time Code Option TCO

The TCO module is an optional extension for certain RME cards/systems. It is inserted into a free slot of the housing and connected to the motherboard by a narrow ribbon cable.

The small plug-in module equips the HDSP/HDSPe cards with a word clock input, and also opens up the possibility of synchronization to LTC and video. Thanks to SteadyClock, the TCO not only extracts absolute position information from LTC, but also a very low jitter word clock from LTC and video. This ensures a connection and sample-exact time code synchronization to any audio and video feeders.

A TCO can be used with several cards at the same time, provided that a card supporting the TCO is present in the network.

LTC can be generated or derived in all common formats: 24, 25, 30 or 29.97 frames; drop or non-drop. Common pull-up and pull-down formats (+/- 0.1% and +/- 4%) are supported. PAL and NTSC video formats are automatically detected and correctly processed.

Received time code can be forwarded as APP (ASIO Positioning Protocol) or MTC to audio/video applications. On the other hand, the TCO is also able to generate low-jitter LTC from received APP or MTC signals directly on the hardware level, without interaction by a software or driver routine. Various chase functions (adjustable drop-out length, continuous or jam sync) are supported.

Under Windows the TCO provides the SMPTE position information in APP (ASIO Positioning Protocol) and as MTC Sync. Under Mac OS X the TCO returns the SMPTE position only as MTC Sync.

On the hardware side, the TCO has a switchable word clock/video input (BNC, terminatable) and an LTC input (BNC). The two-stage LTC output (BNC) can be configured using jumpers.

All settings can be easily accessed via an additional page in the setup dialog of the HDSP card.

All important functions and status information can be accessed in the clearly arranged dialog page, which appears automatically after installation of the TCO.

For example Sync Source (LTC, Video or Word Clock), termination option for the BNC input (75 Ohm), frame rate of the incoming SMPTE signal and WCK conversion are available.

Further options include pull-up and pull-down factors ready as well as status indicators (Input State), which provide precise information about the respective signal. For example, for an attached word clock signal, it is displayed whether it is in the Single Speed, Double Speed or Quad Speed range.


  • 1 x word clock I/O

  • 1 x Video Sync Input (alternative to WC In)

  • 1 x LTC I/O

Supported cards:

  • HDSP AES-32

  • HDSPe MADI (PCI Express)

  • HDSPe AES (PCI-Express)

  • HDSPe AIO (PCI Express)

  • HDSPe PCI Card (PCI Express)

  • Multiface II / Digiface (via HDSPe, not RPM)

Other cards only in Multicard mode.