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RME HDSPe RayDAT HDSPe RayDAT is a multichannel, multi-format and multitasking tool with... more


HDSPe RayDAT is a multichannel, multi-format and multitasking tool with superior professional quality, the ideal solution from recording to final mastering. Thanks to separate hardware and additional recording/playback channels, SPDIF (Cinch) and AES/EBU (XLR) can be used simultaneously for the first time. RayDAT offers no less than 4 x ADAT I/O (optical), SPDIF I/O and AES/EBU I/O. In total, no less than 36 input and 36 output channels each.

Two MIDI I/Os and TotalMix, RME's unsurpassed DSP-based real-time mixer with hardware-calculated level meters and complete MIDI remote control complete the equipment. HDSPe RayDAT of course also supports the use of the optional TCO for synchronization to time code (LTC/video).

Internal ADAT inputs and outputs allow the connection of up to two optional TEB (TDIF Expansion Board). This means that up to two TDIF ports are available directly in the computer.

HDSPe RayDAT is the newly designed PCI Express version of the previous PCI version. A completely new PCI-Express core supports the full performance of the current and super-fast serial bus technology. Based on RME's own FPGA development, the Secure Flash Option allows the card to be updated later even to future hardware and software features.

After a click on the hammer symbol in the systray of the task bar the configuration dialog of the HDSPe RayDAT appears. The clearly arranged, clearly structured structure and the unique, informative status windows for input signal, clock modes, sample rate and time code make working with the card a pure pleasure. With a simple mouse click you have the full power of the card at your disposal.

With several digital inputs, it is particularly important to be informed not only about the lock states, but also about the synchronicity of the signals. RME's exclusive SyncCheck checks the synchronicity of the input signals with each other. In Clock Mode Master the synchronicity to the internal clock is checked. This worldwide unique procedure simplifies troubleshooting enormously, the current status is displayed in plain text for each input in the Settings dialog.

RME's unique SyncCheck and AutoSync technology has evolved into the new Intelligent Clock Control (ICC) of the HDSPe series. The HDSPe RayDAT measures and displays the clock frequency of all clock sources - including word clock. Depending on the validity of the input signal and the current sample rate, the card decides which clock source is used - fully automatically and as a hardware function. Thus RME interfaces offer a very easy handling of the available clocks despite numerous digital inputs, as well as the best possible support for the correct clock setup.


  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz

  • 4x ADAT I/O 192 kHz capable (S/MUX4) + SPDIF I/O 192 kHz capable and AES/EBU I/O 192 kHz capable

  • 2x MIDI I/O

  • Up to 72 input and output channels can be used simultaneously

  • for WIN 2000/XP/Vista/64 and MAC OSX Intel