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Rode NTK

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Large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone The NTK is an affordable and award-winning... more
Rode NTK

Large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone

The NTK is an affordable and award-winning cardioid tube condenser microphone. The gold-coated, edge-polarized and elastically suspended large-diaphragm capsule "HF-2" is an in-house development by RØDE; a hand-selected 6922 twin triode tube serves as impedance converter, behind which a transformerless output stage with audiophile components is connected. The result: with 12 dBA equivalent noise level the NTK is extremely low-noise for a tube microphone and also impresses with its high output level (up to +29 dBu.

The cult status of this vintage technology is no accident. Especially vocals and acoustic guitars benefit from its unique transfer characteristics. In addition to the overtone behavior of the tube amplification, the typical rich and warm sound is impressive, which later effortlessly asserts itself in the mix.

In order to achieve the best possible transmission quality and consistency, RØDE selects the used tubes itself and leaves nothing to chance. The criteria are low noise, sound and reliability. RØDE obtains the double triode model "6922" used in the NTK in relatively large quantities as a low-cost, because not selected, variant and then subjects these tubes to a meticulous test: first a 24-hour "burn-in", followed by precise measurements of noise and microphony. Finally, it is checked how precisely further technical data correspond to the default circuit design of the K2. Tubes that do not meet these requirements are mercilessly rejected, i.e. thrown away; on average at least 20%.

The tubes recently used by RØDE are extremely durable; if the microphone is handled with care, it will last 10 years without tube replacement. Just like with full-tube amps, you should avoid mechanical stress after use and in case of doubt it is always better to leave the microphone on for the whole session than to switch it on and off frequently. If necessary, you can easily obtain a selected original replacement tube from your dealer - and at a fair price.

The NTK comes in an ABS molded case including the RM2 microphone mount, power supply and 10 m connection cable. The NTK is manufactured by RØDE in Australia. Registered users receive a 10 year warranty.


  • Polar pattern: cardioid

  • Sound pressure limit: 158 dB

  • Noise level: 12 dBA

  • Transmission range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

  • Sensitivity: 12 mV/Pa

  • Max. Output level: +29 dBu

  • Dynamic range: 147 dB

  • Output impedance: 200 Ohm

  • Power supply: external power supply unit

  • Weight: 760 g