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Rode NT1000

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Large-diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic As a no-frills... more
Rode NT1000

Large-diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic

As a no-frills cardioid condenser microphone, the NT1000 is suitable for a wide range of sound sources in the studio - e.g. vocals of all kinds, acoustic guitars, brass instruments and strings. With its extremely low self-noise, it is also ideal for extremely quiet signals. The NT1000 has also quickly found followers who prefer to use it as an overhead microphone or for recording a grand piano. The satin nickel-plated metal housing not only looks noble, but also effectively protects the high-quality SMD electronics from HF interference. The speaking basket is made of heat-treated steel to protect the sensitive 1" capsule in the best possible way.

The frequency response of the NT1000 features a subtle and always "musical" presence boost typical of RØDE. This perfectly compensates for high-frequency losses when miking further away, and gives soloists an unparalleled "shine" when speaking close up, without ever sounding shrill.

The NT1000 comes with the RM2 microphone holder and the ZP1 transport case. The NT1000 is manufactured by RØDE in Australia and registered users receive a 10 year warranty.

  • gold-coated and elastically mounted 1" kidney capsule

  • satin nickel-plated case

  • very low inherent noise (6 dBA)

  • incl. microphone holder RM2 and transport case ZP1

  • 10-year Røde warranty for registered users (microphone)