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Rode NTR

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Active ribbon microphone An active ribbon microphone developed from scratch with a... more
Rode NTR

Active ribbon microphone

An active ribbon microphone developed from scratch with a musical sound and a figure-of-eight characteristic. The NTR impresses with its high sensitivity of 30 mV, so you don't necessarily need a "preamp bolide" to get the microphone signal adequately preamplified. Like many other ribbon microphones, the NTR has a slight high-frequency rolloff from 5 kHz, making it ideal for trumpets, guitar amps and female vocals. However, from 12 kHz on, the frequency response goes slightly up again, giving the signal an unparalleled melodiousness and also qualifies the NTR as a fantastic main microphone for string orchestras.

The aluminum ribbon is only 1.8 µm thick and is not cut out mechanically during production, but with a precision laser to avoid microscopic fraying at the edges. The ribbon frame is perfectly decoupled from the microphone housing by its elastic suspension, so the ribbon is not subject to any interference from resonances. The frame can be locked with a screw for transport purposes, which effectively protects the sensitive ribbon.

The robust metal housing of the NTR has a noble, matt-black and scratch-resistant coating. The lower part contains the hi-tech electronics consisting of a specially developed transformer and a downstream preamplifier stage. The NTR requires phantom power (48 V) for operation. It delivers a powerful output level, which allows a low-noise operation even on "normal" preamps and audio interfaces. Attention: When using a microphone for vocals, pop protection is absolutely mandatory, otherwise there is a high risk of damaging the ribbon.

The NTR comes with a stand clamp (RM2) and a dust bag. It is manufactured by RØDE in Australia, registered users receive a 10 year warranty.

  • ultra-fine aluminum tape (1.8 µm)

  • Tape frame decoupled from the housing with locking screw as transport protection

  • specially developed and manufactured transformer

  • low-noise preamplifier stage, high sensitivity

  • 48 V phantom power

  • incl. tripod holder RM2 and dust protection bag

  • 10-year Røde warranty for registered users (microphone)

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