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Rode NT1-AI-1 Bundle

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Recording set consisting of NT1 (microphone) and AI-1 (audio interface) The "Complete... more
Rode NT1-AI-1 Bundle

Recording set consisting of NT1 (microphone) and AI-1 (audio interface)

The "Complete Studio Kit" combines RØDE's low-noise NT1 large diaphragm studio microphone with the sleek and elegant AI-1 USB audio interface, professional accessories and a free download of the Ableton Live Lite DAW. A perfect team that allows for audiophile recording from scratch. The "Complete Studio Kit" is especially suitable for singer/songwriters.

The included deluxe spider SMR with its three double lyres from Rycote® provides excellent decoupling of the microphone and effectively eliminates disturbing structure-borne noise. If necessary, the metal pop guard (also included) can be attached or removed in a flash.

Included in delivery are the deluxe SMR spider, pluggable metal pop guard, tripod mount (RM2), microphone dust bag, high-quality XLR microphone cable (6 m), USB-C/A cable and the DAW Ableton Live Lite (download)

NT1 and AI1-1 are manufactured by RØDE in Australia, the NT1 is guaranteed for 10 years for registered users.

  • Komplett-Recording-Set, bestehend aus:

  • Großmembran-Kondensatormikrofon NT1

  • USB-Audio-Interface AI-1

  • inkl. Spinne SMR mit steckbarem Metallpopschutz

  • inkl. Mikrofon-Staubschutzbeutel und XLR-Mikrofonkabel (6 m)

  • inkl. USB-C/A-Kabel

  • 10 Jahre Røde-Garantie für registrierte Anwender (Mikrofon)


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