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Slate Digital VRS8 + ML-1

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Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface (Mac Version) incl. ML-1 Slate... more
Slate Digital VRS8 + ML-1

Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface (Mac Version) incl. ML-1

Slate Digital's VRS8 provides a Thunderbolt audio interface with eight Ultra Linear VMS One microphone preamps, allowing you to use slate-microphone and preamp emulation at any input. The integrated LLN (Low Latency Native) Hard-Wired Converter chipset convinces with 0.7 milliseconds latency at 96k (32 sample buffers), while "real-time previewing" with effects is possible at any time. In combination with AKM converters that work in mastering quality, a dynamic range of 124dB at all inputs, XTC clocking technology including four temperature-compensated crystal oscillators and native MIDI I/O for accurate MIDI timing, the VRS8 is a high-quality audio interface at an affordable price. A permanent license for Slate's Virtual Preamp Collection software is also provided, allowing you to integrate various software preamps. Also on board is a 1-year license for the Everything Bundle to test Slates plugins extensively. The already professional overall picture is rounded off by the intuitive design, two headphone outputs and the practical 19" housing for rack applications.


  • 8 analog microphone inputs in the proven VMS One ultra linear technology

  • AD/DA converters in mastering quality using the latest AKM AK 5578 converter chips (124 db dynamic range at all 8 inputs)

  • 0.7 millisecond latency LLN (Low Latency Native) thanks to hard-weird converter chipset, even at 96 Khz and 32 bit sample rate)

  • XTC clocking technology with four temperature-compensated quartz oscillators for ultra-stable audio performance to keep your audio jitter interference-free

  • two separate monitor mixes and the ability to use the VRS8 as a speaker selector switch

  • Thunderbolt and PCIe connectivity for maximum cross-platform compatibility. The PCIe performance corresponds to that of Thunderbolt. Up to 6 VRS8 cascadable via Thunderbolt to control 48 inputs and outputs

  • Native Midi I/O

  • 1 license for the Virtual Preamp Collection can be used simultaneously on 8 channels

  • 1 year Slate Digital "Everything Bundle" subscription free. After one year the subscription becomes payable.

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