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Sonicware ELZ 1

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The compact housing of the ELZ_1 contains several sound generators: FM SYNTHESE, an 8BIT... more
Sonicware ELZ 1

The compact housing of the ELZ_1 contains several sound generators: FM SYNTHESE, an 8BIT WAVE MEMORY SYNTH with morphing function, the DNA Explorer to analyze and modify your own audio material, the SAND FLUTE Noise Engine and the SiGRINDER Granular Synthesizer.


  • Dimensions: 399mm (W) × 133mm (D) × 50mm(H)

  • weight: approx. 1,3kg

  • Outputs: Stereo Line Outputs (jack connectors left and right)

  • Headphone jack: Stereo mini jack

  • Integrated loudspeaker

  • Aux input: Stereo mini jack

  • Power: 5V power supply or 4 x AA batteries

  • USB functions: Firmware Updates, USB MID

Synthesizer Engines:

  • FM SYNTH (4 operators with 31 algorithms, feedback and de-tuning)

  • 8BIT WAVE MEMORY SYNTH (Waveform editing and morphing with FM Mode)

  • DNA EXPLORER (extract and generate waveform DNA from audio)

  • SiGRINDER (granular synthesizer)

  • STANDARD OSC (sine, rectangle, triangle and sawtooth)

  • LOW-BIT OSC (sine, rectangle, triangle and sawtooth)


  • MASKED NOISE (Noise synth engine)

  • SAND FLUTE (Noise synth engine)

  • *6voice polyphonic.

  • Envelope curves: ADSR, ADS-RA-R

  • Filters: LPF-6, LPF-12, HPF-6, HPF-12, BPF, Peaking EQ, LO EQ, HI EQ, NOTCH

  • Effects: Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Chorus, Vibrato, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo, Auto-Pan, Ring Modulator, Aut-Wah,
    Stereo Delay, Tapeecho, Reversed Delay, Room, Hall, Plate, Custom Reverb

  • Arpeggiator: Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, Up&Down, Down&Up, Random, Play Order