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SPL Madicon

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MADI to USB Interface Madicon is a USB digital interface connecting up to 64 inputs... more
SPL Madicon

MADI to USB Interface

Madicon is a USB digital interface connecting up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs via USB to the computer.

Madicon introduces SmartMADI®, which allows daisy chaining Madison 16-ch AD/DA converters and communicating sample rate changes through the MADI stream.

It features an additional optical Toslink output for channels 1/2 to allow connection to a DAC in the control room while the Madisons operate in the recording rooms. Instead of many analog wires with expensive wall connectors only two tiny MADI cables are required.


  • Maximum 64 input and 64 output channels

  • Additional optical stereo output (Ch1/2)

  • 24 bit / up to 192 kHz

  • Hi-Speed USB with Detector LED

  • USB 3, USB 2 and USB-C compatible

  • USB bus powered

  • Internal/External Clock Switch

  • External Clock Lock LED

  • Windows & Mac

  • Low-latency monitoring (FPGA Monitoring Mixer)

  • Control Room Mixer and six more individual headphone mixers

  • Intuitive and fast workflow

  • talc

  • 128-channel MADI stream metering

  • MADI splitter - one signal can be distributed to up to 63 other channels

  • Many innovative features

  • Record without DAW - directly to your hard drive!

  • Automatic arming

  • Display of remaining recording time

  • Automatic naming of files

  • Solo Preludes