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SPL MTC 2381

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The MTC combines volume control, source management and speaker management with talkback... more
SPL MTC 2381

The MTC combines volume control, source management and speaker management with talkback and cue functions. An analog, latency-free "cue mix" can be created for the musician as an individual mixture of musician signal and mix signal. A built-in electret microphone is available for talkback communication, which can also be remote-controlled via a footswitch. With six balanced stereo inputs, balanced XLR outputs for three speaker pairs, and a slave output, the MTC also features a switchable headphone output, providing a complete solution for all monitoring needs: source and speaker selection, mono, dim and mute switching, talkback with built-in talkback microphone, and even creating a headphone mix for the artist. The MTC is designed as a robust desktop housing with an inclined front - perfect for computer workstations, e.g. when placed next to or under monitors.


  • Stereo Production/Recording Studio

  • Film and Video Post-Production

  • Video & computer game production

  • Audiovisual Media/Multimedia Production

  • Fully analog volume control without VCAs, DACs etc.

  • 6 stereo inputs (four balanced and two unbalanced sources)

  • balanced XLR outputs for three speaker pairs

  • slave output

  • Talkback: built-in microphone, separate output and footswitch input

  • Cue mix: separate output, Musician level, mix level and volume controls

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 91 x 272 x 220 mm

  • weight: 2,3 kg

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