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SPL Volume 8 - black

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Volume 8 is an active, 8-channel DAW monitoring controller and a purist surround... more
SPL Volume 8 - black

Volume 8 is an active, 8-channel DAW monitoring controller and a purist surround preamplifier. It focuses on analog volume control and features a mute switch that protects speakers, headphones and ears in the event of a computer crash. In addition to the fully-featured surround monitoring controllers (SMC and SMC 7.1) Volume 8 is used exclusively for volume control. Many computer-based studios or home users do not require the functionality of the SMC and SMC 7.1, so Volume 8 is a cost-effective solution for uncompromising high-quality DAW monitoring.


  • High-end volume potentiometer and illuminated mute switch; potentiometer controls directly (no VCA or DAC circuits)

  • Mute switch allows quick response when speakers or ears need to be protected (e.g. computer crash)

  • In contrast to the digital volume control, where the bit resolution is further reduced with decreasing volume, the signal does not deteriorate with the analog volume control.

  • In contrast to passive volume control, active volume control has no phase or frequency response effects. The monitoring signal sounds reliably the same at any monitoring volume.

  • Balanced Sub-D 25 input and output jacks (Tascam standard)

  • High-quality symmetry stages with very high common mode rejection (minimize interference/interference in the signal paths)

  • High-quality power supply with toroidal transformer and complex sieving

  • Solid aluminium knob with 45mm diameter for smooth, sensitive operation

  • Elegantly designed and compact housing for flexible table positioning close to the screen.