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SPL Crescendo duo

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The Crescendo duo from SPL is a high-end two-channel microphone preamplifier that uses SPL... more
SPL Crescendo duo

The Crescendo duo from SPL is a high-end two-channel microphone preamplifier that uses SPL 120V technology. This gives you an immense dynamic range, absolute signal fidelity and clarity.

  • Features

  • 2-channel preamp

  • Transparent sound

  • Hard to overdrive

  • Large rasterized level controls for mic gain

  • +/- 10 dB Output level control

  • +48V phantom power switchable

  • Phase shift switchable

  • -20 dB Pad circuit

  • Switchable high pass filter at 120 Hz with 3 dB/Oct

  • VU meter with switchable sensitivity

  • 2 parallel outputs per channel

The input stages each consist of six 120V SPL SUPRA operational amplifiers of the 5th generation. The transformerless design with output stages, which operate as current amplifiers with over 6mA quiescent current in pure class-A mode, provides a sound transparency that hardly any other preamp offers. This makes the Crescendo ideal for recording situations where every detail needs to be transferred without the preamp contributing its own sound. This preamp is the right choice for delicate classical recordings with a lot of dynamics, in which calm as well as spirited passages have to be precisely captured.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 100 kHz (-3dB) at 32 dB gain

  • Max. Mic gain: 70 dB

  • Input impedance: 10 kOhm

  • Output impedance: < 600 Ohm

  • Noise (A-weighted): -67.5 dBu (63 dB gain), -94 dBu (32 dB gain)

  • Noise FFT: -97 dBu (63 dB gain), -125 dBu (32 dB gain)

  • CMRR: >65 dBu /1kHz, >88 dBu /1kHz

  • THD/N: 0.001% (63 dB gain), 0.002% (32 dB gain), 0.0002% (18 dB gain)

  • Dimensions: 19", 2 HE