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SSL Fusion

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Analogue Stereo Processor Fusion is an all-analog 2U stereo outboard processor from... more
SSL Fusion

Analogue Stereo Processor

Fusion is an all-analog 2U stereo outboard processor from Solid State Logic designed for the modern hybrid studio. Fusion introduces five all-new analogue 'colouring' tools designed to create the perfect combination of more sonic character, weight and space for your mix bus or stereo stems, with the detail, warmth and finesse that only true analogue circuitry can provide.

The SSL sound legacy is based on a much-imitated collection of analogue audio processing tools used in generations of studio consoles: pristine mic preamps, classic Channel EQ & Dynamics, the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor, the Listen Mic Compressor and the unique SSL Summing Bus. Fusion brings SSL into a new era with the introduction of a range of new analogue processing tools that offer exceptional sonic character and versatility. SSL Solid State Logic Fusion expands the processing palette for hybrid studio operators and is a great partner for the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor.

Vintage Drive

Vintage Drive is a unique non-linear harmonic amplifier circuit that adds cohesion and power to your mix. The drive and density controls work together to create harmonic saturation and smooth compression that comes from overloading an analogue circuit. It can easily be used for subtle thickening saturation or driven hard for more extreme distortion.

The Violet EQ

The SSL Violet EQ - an all-new, dual-band shelving EQ with minimal phase shift. The first new analogue SSL EQ circuit in over 25 years, it uses the SSL legacy of carefully selected frequencies and frequency curves to create a musical and intuitive EQ designed to quickly and easily adjust low-end weight and high-end shine. High and low frequency circuits each offer four switching frequency points and +/-9dB of attenuation.

HF Compressor

A new high-frequency compressor delivers the unmistakable sound of high-frequency rounding in the analogue domain. A high-frequency-only compressor optimised for smooth and transparent roughness reduction and band-like high-frequency rolloff - ideal for taming brittle "high-frequency fizz".

Stereo Image

A new Stereo Image Enhancer provides a true analogue mid-side circuit that manipulates the side signal, allowing for expansion and spatial manipulation of the stereo field.


A switched, specially designed SSL transformer circuit introduces subtle low-frequency saturation in addition to high-frequency phase shift. The result is a simultaneous thickening of the low end and added sparkle to the high end.

Listen Mic Compressor

Pressing and holding the HF compressor switch activates the Listen Mic compressor: A particularly aggressive and artefact-rich compressor from the 4000E console that was actually intended to control the level of the talk mic in the recording room. By chance, it was discovered in the 80s as an effective tool for colloring room recordings. The rest is audio history....


  • 2U stereo outboard processor

  • Suitable for hybrid studio

  • Vintage Drive (non-linear harmonic enhancement)

  • The Violet EQ

  • HF Compressor (for high frequencies)

  • Stereo Image

  • Transformer (subtle low-frequency saturation + high-freq phase shift) switchable

  • Switch for effect insert

  • Bypass switch

  • Input and output trim

  • Weight: 5.9kg


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