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U-HE Presswerk

U-HE Presswerk
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U-HE pressing plant The dynamic processor Presswerk creates the feat of combining complex... more
U-HE Presswerk

U-HE pressing plant

The dynamic processor Presswerk creates the feat of combining complex control options with simple operation. Presswerk does not imitate a specific hardware model, but produces the same warmth as the classic compressors. Presswerk also has many modern features. In addition to normal signal compression, Presswerk can also be used for effect compression and massive increase in loudness.


  • Sidechain function for creating printing effects or pumping with a key signal

  • Adjustable compression curve and envelope: controls for soft knee, ratio, attack and release and other settings

  • Soft Clip to minimize peaks and distortions when output level is too high

  • M/S mode for detailed stereo signal processing

  • DPR (Dual Phase Rotation) Mode - emulates classic gear phase response

  • Saturation control for adjustable timbre and character from warm to overdrive

  • Internal parallel compression

  • Three different detection modes

  • FF (Feed-forward: modern, precise sound, suitable for input signals)

  • FB (feedback: classical, musical compression)

  • INT (Interactive: a mix of FF and FB)

  • GUI scalable in 10% steps

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