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U-HE Repro 1

U-HE Repro 1
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U-HE Repro Repro-1 is a virtual mono synthesizer that skillfully emulates the behavior of... more
U-HE Repro 1

U-HE Repro

Repro-1 is a virtual mono synthesizer that skillfully emulates the behavior of analog components. In addition, Repro-5 comes with a five-part version of the synthesizer that allows you to play chords and complex pads.


  • Repro-1 (monophonic) + Repro-5 (5-fold polyphonic)

  • Powerful analog sound

  • Modelling at component level

  • monophone

  • 2 oscillators: Osc A with sawtooth and pulse wave, Osc B with sawtooth, triangle and pulse wave

  • Waveforms can be combined per oscillator

  • pulse width modulation

  • ADSR envelopes

  • Noise generator (white)

  • Audio sources can be mixed individually

  • 4-pole low-pass filter with self-oscillation

  • Arpeggiator with hold mode

  • Sequencer with 2x 32 steps (can be combined to a 64 step sequence)

  • 5 effects: Wavefolder/Distorter, Echo/Chorus, EQ/Resonator, Hall, Limiter/Dynamic Processor

  • 3 modulation sources with 5 modulation targets

  • 2 extra "performance" modulation units

  • Alternative "Tweak" view with adjustable component behavior

  • Size-adjustable surface

  • MIDI Learn page and editable assignment list

  • "Preferences page for global settings

  • 32 & 64 bit VST2, VST3, AU, AAX

  • Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (beta)

  • Native Instruments NKS format supported