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U-HE Twangstrom

U-HE Twangstrom
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U-HE Twangström Twangström is a spring reverb plug-in and a highly flexible and in its way... more
U-HE Twangstrom

U-HE Twangström

Twangström is a spring reverb plug-in and a highly flexible and in its way unique spring reverb trick box. The heart, the hall unit ("tank"), is based on physical modelling. In comparison to plug-ins based on the usual impulse responses (IRs) and the associated sparse possibilities of intervention and expression, Twangström pursues an opposite approach: not the sound is reproduced, but its origin, the mechanical cause. And that means full, pro-sample-based real-time control on all even the smallest aspects and special things that provide the special charm and coveted retro aesthetics.


  • 3 different reverb units, inspired by the legendary reverb tanks from the most wonderful guitar and instrument combos in rock history.

  • a tasteful and gripping Drive & Tone section, for dyeing and heating of the

  • input sounds

  • Multi-mode filter (lowpass, bandpass & highpass, optional notch), infinitely variable in character,

  • incl. stereo offset and selectable routing (in front of or behind the hall unit)

  • Envelope section with 4 different modes and selectable source (input, sidechain, output)

  • LFO module with 8 different types / waveforms, selectable time base, synchronizable

  • extensive modulation matrix, real-time control of parameters