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Waldorf Pulse 2

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The Waldorf Pulse 2 is the rebirth of DES analog synthesizers of the 90s - and not only... more
Waldorf Pulse 2

The Waldorf Pulse 2 is the rebirth of DES analog synthesizers of the 90s - and not only synthesizer enthusiasts can be happy about this little beast. Just like its famous ancestor, the Pulse2 impresses with three analog oscillators, noise generator, VCF and stereo VCA. But even the adjective monophonic doesn't quite apply to the newcomer, because the Pulse2 is capable of up to eight-voice unisono and paraphonic modes in which eight analog oscillators sound.

In addition to the 24dB low pass, the filter can also handle low, band and high pass with 12dB edge steepness.

The third oscillator can optionally be used for filter FM or ring modulation. Two overdrive circuits are built in for distortion, the degree of distortion can be controlled and modulated at will - if necessary also by the third oscillator. Via the analog input, external signals can be included in the sound shaping of the Pulse2 - for modulating VCF, Oscillator2 Level or Overdrive or simply for sound shaping by VCF and VCA.

In addition to the classic waveforms, the Pulse2 also features the new alternating pulse width modulation APW, which in contrast to the classic pulse width modulation has a constant loudness - the result is a richer, wider and deeper sound.

The 8-slot modulation matrix can be completely edited and displayed on the large display, so it is impossible to lose track of the complex modulation possibilities.

The 500 sounds convince of the sound potential of the Pulse2; besides the classic bass, lead, drum and arpeggio sounds, the Pulse2 also offers numerous analog pad sounds and atmospheric sounds.

Just like the successful Blofeld, Pulse2 comes in a sturdy desktop case made of powder-coated metal, making it both roadworthy and an eye-catcher in the studio. The connection to the computer is established via USB, the good old MIDI interface allows easy connection to other MIDI devices. In addition to the 128x64 pixel LC display, the Pulse2 has eight stainless steel controls, making the clearly arranged control matrix child's play to operate.


  • Three analog oscillators + noise generator

  • pulse width modulation

  • Alternating pulse width modulation APW

  • hard sync

  • Filter FM via oscillator 3

  • Ring modulation via oscillator 3

  • Oscillator XOR interconnection

  • 8-/4-Voice Paraphonic Modes

  • 8 Oscillator Unison Modes

  • Analog filter (VCF)

  • Comprehensive arpeggiator

Technical data

  • 8-slot modulation matrix

  • 128x64 pixel LC display with backlight

  • USB

  • MIDI

  • External signal input

  • Stereo line output

  • Headphone jack

  • 8 Stainless steel controller

  • 500 sounds

  • Electron absorbing black housing

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