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JLIdrone Drop System PTS4 - DJI M300

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JLIdrone - PTS4 Drop System for DJI M300 RTK The PTS4 Multistage Drop Kit is a... more
JLIdrone Drop System PTS4 - DJI M300

JLIdrone - PTS4 Drop System for DJI M300 RTK

The PTS4 Multistage Drop Kit is a multifunctional airdrop device developed based on the DJI Payload SDK. It has 4 mounting points that can support up to 2.7kg. The status of each mounting position is automatically detected and displayed live in the DJI Pilot app. To control one-step delivery, One-Key-Fullcast etc. is available via the DJI Pilot APP. Integrated with a 1080P HD FPV camera, real-time image transmission enables accurate delivery.

The four attachment points can be assigned with transport material in any order.

Integrated camera

Integrated 1080P high-definition FPV camera, real-time radio transmission makes it easy to lock on to the target for accurate drop.

Trigger in any order

DJI Pilot APP control allows you to control the attachment points or trigger a drop independently, and the order is not limited. For the most efficient and rapid delivery, one control command can also trigger simultaneous drop from all attachment points.

Simple operation

Release manually without switching on.


Firefighting - Drones are more flexible than fire engines and personnel in the early stages of a fire. With PTS4, up to 4 fire bombs can be mounted simultaneously and reach the fire point in the shortest possible time. Segmented delivery allows the fire to be extinguished more accurately and effectively

Emergency rescue - In critical moments, the load weight of the drone is very important. The PTS4 has a built-in observation camera and the drone does not need to be equipped with a gimbal camera, which greatly improves the effective carrying capacity of the drone.

Rescue - time is life. The M300RTK can quickly transport medicines or life rings to the scene, and the multi-stage throwing function can transport several different materials at the same time to reach different remote points.


  • Product name: PTS4 Drone Visualised Drop Kit

  • Supported aircraft: MATRICE 200 SERIES V2 and MATRICE M300RTK

  • Weight: 135g

  • Size: 57.4 mm * 57.4 mm * 54 mm

  • Max. payload : 2,7 kg

  • Max. release time/flight: 4

  • Built-in camera: 1080p/25fps

  • Payload interface: DJI SKYPORT V2

  • Installation mode: Detachable via DJI SKYPORT

  • Control APP: DJI PILOT