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DRS Parachute

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The essential purpose of this newly developed parachute is to reduce the risk of injury to... more
DRS Parachute

The essential purpose of this newly developed parachute is to reduce the risk of injury to people on the ground in the event of an in-flight malfunction, while at the same time returning the costly equipment safely to the ground. Drones will become indispensable helpers in numerous areas in the future. The DRS parachute system fills a critical safety gap, allowing a wide variety of commercial applications to be implemented with the necessary protection.

Note: A replacement parachute and parachute basket are available separately for this parachute system. 

Innovative concept - The concept of the DRS parachute system offers you all around highest operational capability

  • Extremely lightweight design, as the parachute is not released by a pyrotechnic, spring-based or servo-electric construction, but by means of a lightweight internationally patented catapult mechanism.

  • Fully autonomous thanks to specially developed electronics that are independent of the flight control system.

  • Ready for use again in a few minutes after deployment.

  • ASTM F3322-18 certified parachute solution for the DJI M300 RTK. 

  • Audible status notification before launch and as soon as the parachute is deployed 

  • No explosive components involved in the deployment of the parachute

  • Bayonet mount makes the parachute system easy to attach and detach

A lot of time and effort has been invested in the development of the DRS parachute system to achieve maximum reliability, flexibility and ease of use. As a result, the system offers a unique launch weight to payload ratio. The patented mechanism that stows and deploys the parachute is electrically controlled and releases in milliseconds.
Spring mechanisms or explosive release components are not used for reliability reasons.  
The parachute is not stored permanently folded, as in other systems, so that it deploys as quickly as possible using the airflow. Thus, even when deployed at very low altitudes, the parachute system enables a successful rescue or safe landing.
After a parachute deployment, it takes only a few minutes to repack the parachute. The drone is immediately ready for use again. No consumables need to be replaced.

Compelling advantages:

  • VARIOUS SIZES - Suitable for multicopters from 2 to 25 kg.

  • INTELLIGENT ELECTRONICS - Independent detection of system malfunctions

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Parachute systems from a total weight of only 300 g 

  • BRIGHT LEDs - Bright LED indicator makes UAV status visible at a glance

  • FAST RECOVERY - Fully operational again after only a few minutes

  • SPECIAL FALL SCREEN - Special design & special material for highest reliability

  • LOW FLIGHT HEIGHT - Release at low altitudes - full deployment after only 8 to 10 m

Scope of delivery:
1 x parachute for DJI M300 RTK

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