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DJI Matrice M210 v2

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DJI M210 V2 - The all-rounder of the M200 Series  The M200 V2 Series is the... more
DJI Matrice M210 v2

DJI M210 V2 - The all-rounder of the M200 Series 

The M200 V2 Series is the ultimate platform for productive workflows from the air. Its rugged design and groundbreaking flexibility enables a wide range of industry-specific applications. 

The M210 V2 not only offers increased flight performance and smarter control systems, but also improved flight and data security. 

The M200 V2 series is therefore predestined for industrial use, BOS and much more. 
Special functions and features:

  • Compatible with Zenmuse XT, XT2, Z30, X4S, X5S and X7 

  • Can be equipped with 2 cameras simultaneously or 1 camera on the top 

  • Integrated FPV camera 

  • Double battery system with long flight times 

  • Foldable with removable landing gear, matching the supplied case 

  • DJI AirSense via the integrated ADS-B receiver 

  • DJI FlightHub for deployment optimization 

  • Collision warning light 

  • Compatible with the DJI Mobile SDK 

  • Compatible with the DJI SkyPort 

  • Compatible with the DJI Onboard SDK 

  • Power supply for other onboard devices

DJI Matrice 210 V2

Indestructible engineering artistry 

Powerful engines combined with 17-inch propellers ensure stable flight at wind speeds of up to 35 km/h. The new dual battery system automatically heats the batteries when flying below freezing, while a closed design protects the aircraft from wind and weather. 

This allows for adaptive operation under various environmental conditions:

  • 34 minutes maximum flight time (TB55 batteries - no load) 

  • IP43 certified 

  • Protection against dust and water 

  • 1.34 kg Maximum load 

  • Take-off weight without camera 4.8 kg 

  • Maximum range 5km

Intelligent and powerful control

App Control

The powerful DJI Pilot app was developed specifically for businesses to access the full potential of the aircraft. 
The development of the DJI Pilot App was specifically tailored to the M210 V2 ? for consistently professional performance

Transmission system

OcuSync 2.0 now offers even more reliable and safe flights, with an improved range of up to 5 km.


If several extensions are used on the drone, users can define the C.G. deviation in the DJI Pilot app to improve flight performance and safety.

Search mode

For particularly unobtrusive operations, the lighting of the drone can now be switched off completely via the DJI Pilot App. 
This makes the drone practically invisible during night operations.

Always already

Updates are now possible with just a few steps. 
Using the DJI Pilot App or DJI Assistant 2, the drone itself, the remote control, industrial extensions, RTK module and ground station can now be updated simultaneously.

DJI FlightHub

DJI FlightHub is an integrated solution for the management of drone operations, as well as for scaling larger flight operations for larger organisations. Thanks to its native compatibility with the M210 V2, DJI FlightHub can be integrated at any time into the daily task routine and further increase the operational efficiency of your organisation's drone fleet.

Secure and Trustworthy

AES-256 Encrypted

AES-256 encryption provides comprehensive data transmission security to ensure that mission-critical data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons under any circumstances.

Obstacle avoidance

The FlightAutonomy system has up, down and forward sensors. 
These reliably detect obstacles and enable precise hovering in the desired position.

Collision warning light

Thanks to the new collision warning lights on the top and bottom of the drone, it is now also in darkness,
or easily identifiable in poor visibility conditions.

DJI AirSense

The newly integrated ADS-B receiver, in cooperation with DJI AirSense, increases airspace safety. 
The pilot automatically receives real-time information about manned aircraft and helicopters in the vicinity.

Dual Battery System

A redundant dual battery system ensures a reliable flight.
The innovative function for warming the batteries allows even flights at temperatures from -20°c to +50°C.

Professional accessories for maximum performance

Manifold 2

Turn your ideas into reality ? with the onboard computer Manifold 2. 
Use the expandability and flexibility to create adaptive drone and robotic solutions.

Upward gimbal mount

Attach a compatible extension to the top of the M210 V2 or the M210 RTK V2 and get the option 
to obtain data or images from a position above the drone.

External GPS module

Improve position accuracy with an external GPS module. 
This is especially recommended if an upward pointing gimbal or other extensions are mounted on the M210 V2

Maximum transportability

The M210 V2 series can be folded in just a few moments and unfolds just as easily. 
The mounting plates of the gimbals and the arms of the aircraft do not need to be disassembled for transport. 
Ready to fly with just a few hand movements!

Size: 722mm x 282mm x 242mm
Weight: max. 6,14kg

Create your own fleet of drones

Payload SDK

Create individual robotic solutions, adapt them to your workflows and integrate them directly into the M210 V2. 
Thanks to TimeSync, third-party extensions also benefit from corrected position data. 
In this case, the data is georeferenced to the middle of the gimbal bayonet at the end of the gimbal mount.

Onboard SDK

Integrate an onboard computer or third-party sensors into the system and enable in-flight data analysis.
Mobile SDK

Develop personalized apps to make flight planning and local data collection even easier and faster.

One platform for universal applications

Public security

Solutions for resource planning
Overview from the air 
Improve overall operational efficiency by enabling you to respond quickly without directly endangering the emergency services. 
For example, by using a thermal imaging and zoom camera, the situation can be quickly assessed from the air.

Power Generation

Inspections at high altitude
identify damage
Mapping of the site of operation

Perform thermal inspections at great heights efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. 
Using a thermal imaging and zoom camera, professional users can quickly identify temperature deviations and defects from the air.

Infrastructure and construction

Investment inspections
Surveying and mapping
Process organization

Create accurate 2D and 3D models Using high-resolution cameras, teams can quickly get an overview to make more informed decisions.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Matrice 210 Aircraft

  • 1x Cendence remote control

  • 2x landing leg

  • 1x 7.85" CrystalSky monitor

  • 1x WB37 charging stroke

  • 2x WB37 battery

  • 1x 180W charger

  • 1x charging stroke

  • 4x propeller pair (CW+CCW)

  • 1x power cable for charger

  • 1x Type-A USB cable

  • 1x smart device holder

  • 1x transport case

  • 3x rubber shock absorbers for gimbal

  • 1x USB extension cable 

  • 1x transmitter belt

  • 1x 64GB microSD card

  • 1x screw set (6 pcs.)

  • 1x wrench set

  • 2x protection for remote control sticks

  • 1x Cendence mounting key

  • 1x cover cap for SDK port

  • 1x manual and data sheets

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