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AVSS PRS-300 & RC Bundle

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Overview The ASTM F3322-18 compliant PRS-M300 is designed for easy integration with the... more

AVSS PRS-300 & RC Bundle


The ASTM F3322-18 compliant PRS-M300 is designed for easy integration with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone system. The mounting bracket secures the PRS without compromising the sensitive GPS modules and allows for safe launches with a variety of payload configurations. The system includes an electronic module to power the Parachute Pod (parachute container) and the Flight Termination System (FTS), which disables the drone's propulsion system. The on-board system is equipped with an automatic release device to deploy the parachute in case a critical failure is detected during flight. An independent remote control for manual parachute deployment provides you with constant control over your operations.

Key Features 

  • Field replaceable parachute pods

  • Plug-and-play flight termination system

  • Automatic deployment in less than 0.5 seconds

  • Greater than 2 km range

  • ASTM F3322 and third-party documentation relevant to civil aviation authorities for flights over people (FAA), complex operations (TC), scenario 3 (DGAC)

Technical specifications

  • Total weight: 922 grams / 2.03 lbs

  • Average descent rate (7.70 kg): 3.24 mps / 10.62 fps

  • Average descent rate (9.20 kg): 3.54 mps / 11.61 fps

  • Average impact energy (7.70 kg): 40.30 J / 29.80 ft-lb

  • Average impact energy (9.20 kg): 57.60 J / 42.50 ft-lb

  • Minimum deployment altitude (7.70 kg): 44.60 m / 146.33 ft

  • Minimum deployment altitude (9.20 kg): 50.80 m / 166.67 ft

System overview


  • Total weight: 922 grams / 2.03 lbs

  • Parachute reuse method: Pre-packed capsules

  • Deployment Technique: Non-explosive

  • Deployment Trigger: Manual and/or autonomous

  • Flight abort system: Yes

  • Independent remote control: Yes

  • 1 year warranty; 3 deployments

System Features

  • Main system weight: 650 grams / 1.43 lbs

  • Deployment speed: 20 ms

  • Deployment full inflation: 0.57 s to 1.30 s

  • Battery life: 6 hours

  • Operating temperature: -20C° to +50C°

Parachute Pod

  • Parachute size: 5.5 sqm

  • Riser / Mounting location: Internal

Mounting bracket

  • Mounting bracket weight: 272 grams / 0.60 lbs

  • Material: Carbon Fiber / Aluminum

  • Mounting location: Top mounted

Independent Remote Control

  • Range: <2 km / <1.24 mi

  • Frequency: 915 MHz / 868 MHz 

Scope of delivery:

1x Parachute Pod
1x handheld remote control for manual release
1x electronic module
1x Flight abort system
1x Automatic trigger
1x Mounting bracket
1x Electronic module battery
1x carrying case  

Warranty for 1 year or 3 releases
CAA & ASTM F3322 documentation for civil aviation authorities

Note: Pods are shown in yellow for better visibility, black pods are supplied