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Full-Upgrade for Luqi HL 6.0S

Full-Upgrade for Luqi HL 6.0S
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Full upgrade for Luqi HL 6.0 Standard In this upgrade, we carry out the following work... more

Full-Upgrade for Luqi HL 6.0S

Full upgrade for Luqi HL 6.0 Standard

In this upgrade, we carry out the following work on your HL 6.0 S:

Chopper - assembled !
We assemble the entire chopper for you.

GPS optimisation of the speedometer
The standard model shows an average speed that is about 7 km/h too high. We calibrate the speedometer to GPS accuracy.

Optimisation of the front headlamp
The original bracket of the front headlight causes the light to be misaligned. We rework the bracket and fix the problem. In doing so, we adjust the light correctly according to the specifications for motorbikes. Furthermore, the light only switches on when the key is used. When using the remote control - no need to take the key with you - it does not. We change the internal circuit so that the front headlight is also switched on when the remote control is used.

Optimisation of the front suspension fork
The front suspension fork already allows for comfortable riding ex works. We also make sure that the fork is a little stiffer when turning corners and that it compresses a little more smoothly.

Installation of the indicator sound
The Chopper unfortunately does not offer an indicator sound from the factory. We think this is a very safety-relevant omission. We fix the problem and install a clearly audible indicator sound with a specially developed circuit.

Optimisation of the entire braking system
During production of the standard chopper, the brake system is filled with hydraulic oil. Over time, bacteria and viruses therefore cause air pockets, as well as increasingly poor heat dissipation. The ease of movement of the brake cylinders in the caliper is insufficient, and the brake pads do not retract completely after a braking operation. The brake pads therefore drag a little on the brake discs and the motor has to fight against this resistance. The limited ease of movement of the front wheel leads to a reduction in range and unnecessary pad wear. Especially when cornering, the grinding noises increase.

We optimise the entire brake system with our specially developed DOT 4-resistant seals, fill it with genuine DOT 4 brake fluid and eliminate all problems. This results in significantly better smoothness, acceleration, range and braking performance of the chopper.

Replacement of all original screws with stainless steel screws
The manufacturer uses screws which start to rust after a relatively short time. We remedy this problem and replace all relevant screws with rust-free and high-quality brand-name screws.

Retighten screws
Through countless tests and approx. 30,000 kilometres driven, we have developed optimum torques for all screws. We tighten all screws and additionally ensure a long driving pleasure.

Greasing of all parts
We give your chopper "the last oiling". We grease all the necessary parts so that you have a quiet and beautiful riding experience.

Balancing the front and rear wheel
The wheels of the chopper are not balanced by the manufacturer. This is not a requirement for scooters up to 45 km/h. We are nevertheless doing this in order to achieve even better riding behaviour.

Optimisation of all locks
Unfortunately, with some choppers it happens that the battery cover does not close properly after inserting the battery. This is also unfortunately sometimes the case with the glove box - tank. We optimise the locks so that they close without any problems.

Optimisation of the switch on the stand
After a relatively short period of time, customers reported to us that the sliding switch, which is located on the stand, refuses to work. This results in the problem that you suddenly can no longer drive off. The quick solution to this problem is to disconnect the switch in the battery box. In order to prevent the problem completely, we install a specially developed switch of excellent quality. This makes the problem a thing of the past.

Optimisation of the rear air suspension
You can tell us your body weight and we will optimise the rear suspension to optimise comfort and achieve a better ride.

To top off the whole upgrade, you will receive a small visual upgrade from us as a surprise. This makes the whole chopper stand out from the standard chopper. If you still don't like the upgrade, you can easily remove it at home.

A bit of celebration is a must!

The presentation takes place in a festive manner! We hand over your chopper wrapped in a big red bow and balloons. There will be a glass of champagne and a final photo with you as a souvenir. We would be very happy to hand over a chopper to you too!

Attention !
You can book further comfort upgrades in addition to this upgrade!

Attention ! Very important!
All upgrades are only possible if you collect the bike from us or book a personal delivery service through us (max. 200 - 250 km). At the moment we are not yet able to send the bikes with upgrades by forwarding agent, but we are working on a solution for this. 

Don't settle for less and buy your chopper from professionals who deserve the name. You will be looked after by engineers and two-wheel specialists and can soon look forward to many exciting upgrades. We speak several languages and even sign language.

We wish you a lot of riding pleasure with your CHopper from MusoTec & Luqi already now !