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Comfort Upgrade - Brake System - for Luqi HL 6.0S

Comfort Upgrade - Brake System - for Luqi HL 6.0S
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Brake System Upgrade - Upgrade for Luqi HL 6.0 Standard This is one of the most... more

Comfort Upgrade - Brake System - for Luqi HL 6.0S

Brake System Upgrade - Upgrade for Luqi HL 6.0 Standard

This is one of the most extensive upgrades we offer.

The manufacturer Luqi does not use real brake fluid for the Chopper, but a hydraulic oil. This can be done, but nothing substitutes real DOT 4 brake fluid. Brake fluid has important advantages that hydraulic oil cannot provide. For example, bacteria or viruses do not form over time, causing air pockets and a reduction in braking power. The following term is well known among bikers - braking on air. 

Furthermore, the heat dissipation becomes worse and worse, so that the braking force required in extreme situations is not built up sufficiently. The brake pads overheat and the pad becomes soft. The brake discs overheat and turn to blue.

Over time, the colour of the hydraulic oil also changes from yellow to green and the parts of the brake system are attacked and affected.

Don't play by halves when it comes to brakes. It's about your safety or the safety of your loved ones!

We remove the original hydraulic oil. Disassemble the brake callipers, break them down into parts and remove the brake cylinders. Then, if necessary, we hone the cylinder guides and measure them to micrometre accuracy. We then reassemble the saddles and fit the brake cylinders and saddles with seals that can handle real brake fluid.

We dissemble the reservoirs and seal them with sealant that can handle brake fluid. The brake pipes are washed out completely.

Since real brake fluid is corrosive, the entire brake system must be prepared for it, otherwise parts would be corroded and you would not enjoy your brake for long.

When everything is prepared, we assemble all parts and refill the brake system. Then we professionally bleed the entire system. 

Finally, we put the bike on a brake measuring stand and stress them at top speed. We measure and check the brake force reached and the heat dissipation. Only when the values meet our high quality standards, the work is completed and the brake system ready for use. 

Attention! Brake system work must be carried out by qualified staff!

A totaly Must-Have Upgrade for your own safety!