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RealSimGear - G1000 Suite

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The RealSimGear G1000 Suite is a high quality, ultra-realistic hardware interface for your... more
RealSimGear - G1000 Suite

The RealSimGear G1000 Suite is a high quality, ultra-realistic hardware interface for your flight sim.  The suite includes the G1000 PFD, MFD and GMA audio panel.  The PFD and MFD each contain a dedicated 10.4" high quality HDMI display. The system connects to your PC via a USB cable and comes pre-loaded with the RealSimGear drivers for easy 'plug and play' operation (no configuration required).

The suite can be easily mounted into an existing panel, or used with the option desktop stand shown.  Note, the desktop stand is not included and is available as an optional accessory.


  • 2x Functional Display (PFD and MFD)

  • 1x GMA Audio Panel (plus Panel Mounting Brackets)

  • 2X DC Power Pack

  • 2x HDMI right angle adapter

  • 2x USB cable

  • 1x Ribbon cable for connection to the RealSimGear PFD unit


  • Works with XPlane 11, P3D* and FSX*

  • Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) default aircrafts

  • Fully assembled and configured

  • Dedicated HDMI displays

  • Ultra-realistic buttons and knobs

  • Simple USB connection

Compatible Aircraft:

  • XPlane 11, C-172 G1000

  • XPlane 11, X-Aviation Hotstart TBM900 (This is awesome!)

  • XPlane 11, Aerobask DA-62 G1000

  • XPlane 11, STMA Diamond DA-40 180

  • XPlane 11, Epic 1000 G1000

  • XPlane 11, Baron B58 G1000 (Free)

  • XPlane 11, Aerobask Robin DR401 G1000 (Free)

  • Plus many more that use the Laminar G1000

*NOTE: The G1000 suite works with the G1000 equipped aircraft included in XPlane 11. It also works with Mindstar G1000 in P3D v3 and FSX Steam Edition.  Note that there is additional cost required to purchase the appropriate Mindstar G1000 software license. The G1000 may work with other third-party aircraft, please check with us if you are not sure.

System requierments

XPlane, Prepar3D V3/V4, FSX, FSX: Steam, Microsoft Flight Simulator
For FSX, FSX: SE & P3D: Mindstar G1000 is required*
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64bit)
Graphics card with 2 free HDMI Ports
2X HDMI cable
Power adapter from USA to EU

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