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At only 320g, the XCD 4 / 45P is currently the lightest digital autofocus medium format... more

At only 320g, the XCD 4 / 45P is currently the lightest digital autofocus medium format lens on the market. Its compact, lightweight design combined with first-class optics makes it the perfect lens for travel, exploration and documentation.

As the lightest lens in the X-System lens series, its size perfectly matches the compact X1D II body. Like the other XCD lenses, the XCD 45P also has an integrated central shutter, which enables numerous shutter speeds and full flash sync up to 1 / 2000s.

The XCD 4 / 45P produces even more high-quality images worldwide. The XCD 45P was developed for maximum mobility and is the lightest and most compact lens in the XCD lens family. With a weight of only 320 g, which is roughly equivalent to that of a professional flash unit, it is the world's lightest digital autofocus medium format lens currently available on the market.

The XCD45P offers photographers the highest lens quality for any adventure, from travel photography, deserts and mountains to city exploration and documentation. With minimal weight combined with outstanding image quality, the XCD 45P, in combination with the X1D II and Phocus Mobile 2, allows creative professionals to physically realise their creative visions with lighter equipment in their kit and a highly portable workflow.


The XCD 45P features an optical design with two aspherical elements, resulting in state-of-the-art optical performance in a compact package. With a minimum focus distance of 35 cm and a maximum image scale of 1:5.2, the XCD 45P is even suitable for food or still life photography. Its mechanically connected focus ring gives the lens responsive and precise manual focusing. Just like the other XCD lenses, the XCD 45P is uncompromising in terms of quality of workmanship, technical excellence, optical performance and balance in manual mode, and features an integrated central shutter that allows flash synchronization of up to 1 / 2000s.


The XCD 45P was developed with discrete mobility in mind. Thanks to its advanced design, both the autofocus motor and the central shutter have been reduced in audible noise. Photographers will find that the new central shutter of the XCD 45P is less audible compared to other viewfinder cameras or cameras with mechanical shutters.