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Best Service Elysion

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Best Service Elysion While The Orchestra Complete is based on sampled orchestral tones, Best... more
Best Service Elysion

Best Service Elysion

While The Orchestra Complete is based on sampled orchestral tones, Best Service Elysion's sound material comes from synthetic tone generators.

The synthesizer sounds were treated and processed in the same way as samples of acoustic instruments, and the sounds of the library can be divided into three categories:
Sustain sounds, such as pads.
Hits, short and percussive sounds and
ambient FX textures that create atmospheres and can also be atonal.

These sounds can be played as usual on a connected keyboard. Analogous to The Orchestra Complete, the Ensamble Engine is the highlight of the system: Instruments can be layered in up to 5 slots and assigned envelopes and arpeggiator patterns.

This results in dense and pulsating arrangements that are not prefabricated. These only occur when playing tones and chords on a keyboard. The liveliness of the arrangement results from the manifold variation possibilities of the arpeggiators. In this way, really ready-to-play, rhythmic and highly varied sound movements develop.

What The Orchestra Complete Orchestral Colors, Orchestral Rhythms and Animated call themselves is called Spheres, Pulse and Animated in Elysion. Spheres are up to 5 dynamically playable layers. Pulse are rhythmic patterns. Animated describes the complete and immediately available dense arrangements.

In addition, there are slot effects and a variety of setting and mixing functions. Elysion offers 142 instruments and 230 themes (ensembles) from over 12000 samples to choose from. Of course the user can create his own pads, rhythms and arrangements and save them as a user preset.

One special feature should not be forgotten: The patterns created with this instrument can also be transferred to a DAW and used there. You could even swap sounds and use presets from other libraries.

Best Service Elysion and The Orchestra Complete are a truly comprehensive and diversified package of organic and synthetic sounds, organized to dense, ready-to-play arrangements.


  • Handcrafted synthesizer instruments, with up to 3 Round Robins and 5 Velocity Layers.

  • Sophisticated Ensemble Engine 2.0 with new, powerful features.

  • Unique motion engine enables basic adjustments.

  • Massive hybrid twin of "The Orchestra".

  • Over 230 complex animated and fully customizable themes, with up to 5 fully controllable instruments.

  • Over 142 instantly playable hybrid organic instruments

  • 12500+ individual samples, all carefully recorded, sampled and processed by hand.

  • MIDI export: Unleash the power of the ensemble engine for your personal template.