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Best Service the Orchester Complete

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BEST SERVICE THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE Here not only the sound quality is in the foreground,... more
Best Service the Orchester Complete


Here not only the sound quality is in the foreground, but also the orchestration and the (simple) creation and automation of orchestra patterns using the integrated up to 5 sequencer/arpeggiator tracks (The Core).

This gives you complete orchestral arrangements "in your fingers" on the keyboard. The update to Best Service The Orchestra Complete offers the possibility to transfer the orchestra patterns as MIDI files to a DAW and edit them there. This was certainly the main wish of many The Orchestra users.
It is even possible to exchange instruments and even use tones from other library providers.
In a news item there is actually little room for rating, but this brings the software into a whole new dimension and makes the work for the sound designer even more flexible.

But there are also some small improvements, for example the pedal is now supported and there is a reverb hold function. The existing presets have also been refined further. Even the user interface has been changed in color to improve the readability of the fonts.

But what does the term "Complete" tell us? The Orchstra will feature 60 new string articulations, two new Ethno String Sections and the entire content of the "Strings of Winter" library, adding more than 100 presets to the sound palette and bringing it to 300 instantly playable arrangements and patterns.

Best Service The Orchestra Complete is now available for 399 Euro.


  • Works with the free KONTAKT PLAYER
  • CONTACT Version 6.0.4 or higher

  • Mac OSX.10.10 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo

  • Windows 7 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2

  • 4GB RAM

  • 15.6GB HD storage required

  • Simple chords create complete arrangements

  • All imaginable articulations

  • True Legato Interval Sampling

  • 302 ready-to-use ensemble presets

  • 135 Multi-Rack Patches

  • 5GB data (15.6GB uncompressed)

  • 20800+ individual samples

  • Fast loading times