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Best Service Chris Hein Orchestra Complete

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Complete collection of Chris Hein's orchestra instruments For the ultimate symphonic... more
Best Service Chris Hein Orchestra Complete

Complete collection of Chris Hein's orchestra instruments

For the ultimate symphonic realism, this exceptional bundle offers solo and ensemble strings, wind and woodwinds that make your orchestral productions incomparable. All libraries were created with one goal in mind - playability. Whether you prefer to play on the spot or create the perfect combination of articulation, note head and reverb, Chris Hein Orchestra Complete has everything you need to put your musical ideas into practice.

table of contents

Chris Hein Orchestral Winds contains 13 carefully sampled flutes, clarinets, oboes and bassoons. With over 30 GB sample content, 14 articulations and up to 8 dynamic layers, these woodwind instruments shine in the mix. Natural scales, dynamic sustains and intelligent legato make these woodwind instruments one of the most detailed sample collections worldwide.

Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete is an extensive solo string library consisting of Chris Hein Solo Violine EXtended, Solo Viola EXtended, Solo Cello EXtended and Solo ContraBass EXtended. Recorded with great care and attention to detail, meticulously reworked and assembled into a handy contact-player instrument with a tailor-made user interface and comprehensive scripting, Chris Hein - Solo Strings Complete offers the highest quality sound and incredibly realistic articulations.

Chris Hein Ensemble Strings delivers outstanding, detailed and above all musical results. Included are violins, violas, cellos and double bass ensembles, divided into ensemble sizes: Full & Small. The special feature of this library is that the individual instruments, which are carefully coordinated with each other, were recorded and edited separately, rather than using common ensemble sounds. Thus each instrument is perfectly tuned to each other, with excellent timing and a seamless sound character of the ensemble.

Orchestral Brass EXtended offers not only trumpets, trombones and French horns, but also F tuba, sousaphone, euphonium and ensemble groups. Whether you're recreating a fanfare, a brass band or a complete orchestral wind section, these precisely sampled instruments sound absolutely authentic. The articulation range is breathtaking, including all common styles, plus rips, falls, flutter, runs, repetitions and effects - not to mention 5 different types of mutes.


  • Chris Hein's groundbreaking Phase Align technique prevents the phasing and volume differences that occur between dynamic layers. So if you use powerful crescendi or flowing legato lines, you won't hear any audio artifacts - the transitions are completely fluid.

  • The Note-Head function offers the possibility to define exactly how strongly the musicians should play the notes. The combination of different articulations and note heads brings your virtual instrument parts to life like never before.

  • A variety of advanced options within this orchestral library provide precise control. Customize your instruments with different options for dynamics, legato, vibrato, glide and more.

  • You can easily add separate convolution reverb rounds to the instrument body and the space it plays in - so you can easily combine these orchestral instruments with the rest of your template. With 63 premium impulse responses, it's never been easier to find a sound level by placing all your orchestral libraries in the same room.