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Best Service Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended

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Orchestral brass in unsurpassed perfection! Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended is an... more
Best Service Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended

Orchestral brass in unsurpassed perfection!

Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended is an extremely sophisticated brass library that meets the highest demands in terms of sound quality, expression and usability. What began in the first version as a functional and practical Orchestral Brass-Library, was raised to a higher level with the EXtended version.

Producer Chris Hein has contributed his more than 30 years of experience in the field of sampling to this library, so that you as a user have a maximum of flexibility, configurability and practical benefits at your disposal. For the EXtended version, Chris Hein made full use of the contact script and modeling capabilities to present you with the most authentic and dynamic brass collection ever.

The Instruments

While Orchestral Brass Complete contained nine instruments, Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended is equipped with a total of twelve instruments. Included are all nine original instruments as well as three additional instruments. These include six ensemble instrument patches and two effect articulation patches. In total, Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended contains 20 GB of additional material - more than twice as much as the original library and over 43,000 new samples.

The instruments of Orchestral Brass Complete: three trumpets, three trombones and three French horns recorded as single instruments and as three ensembles. Each instrument consists of almost 8,000 individual samples, 14 articulations and up to eight dynamic layers.

Additional instruments in the EXtended version:

F tuba, sousaphone and euphonium.

These three instruments have more articulations and samples than the original brass instruments - a total of 24 articulations per instrument.

In addition to 5 different sustains, 6 different shorts and 5 special articulations, you will also find

  • Additional repeats with 16th and 8th notes at adjustable speed

  • Six new short articulations and hundreds of stunning one-shot effect samples.

The F tuba, the sousaphone and the euphonium were sampled by Chris Hein in the finest detail, with a total of 16 dynamic layers for the normal shorts. This offers a wide range of variation and expression possibilities. The short repetitions, attacks, growls and ornaments are consciously recorded with character and expression, bringing an incomparable realism to your parts by simulating the natural playing nuances of a real player.

The ensembles

For an epic Hollywood sound, Chris Hein added six Ensemble Instrument patches created with the same technique as Ensemble Strings. Chris has put together extra large, epic brass ensembles from a careful combination of solo instruments. Thanks to its sound quality and extremely wide dynamic range, this version of Orchestral Brass immediately offers powerful and rich-sounding ensembles for every instrument group.


Included are

Trumpet Ensemble large, Trombone Ensemble large, Horns Ensemble large, Low Brass Ensemble, Full Brass Ensemble, Full Brass Ensemble without the Trumpets

A special highlight is the Low Brass Ensemble with extended articulations: ensemble repeats, 6 short articulations, 12 different note heads and a large selection of spectacular ensemble effects.

More features within Orchestral Brass EXtended:

  • Note-Head Variations - Changing Note-Head variations has always been an outstanding feature of the Chris Hein libraries, and with Orchestral Brass EXtended the number of different attack articulations increases from 6 to 12. The Note-Head function gives your brass more character, more variation and more nuance to your performances.

  • Simulated Mute Controls - The simulated mute controls within Orchestral Brass EXtended are effective and realistic. Thanks to the fact that these were modeled and not sampled, the size of Orchestral Brass EXtended is reduced to a reasonable size. All instruments of the EXtended version are equipped with mute modelling, which is accessible via the user interface. Five different mutes are included: Bucket, Cup, Harmon, Straight and Stop Mute.

  • True Legato - The instruments in Chris Hein Orchestral Brass offer true legato in up to four dynamic levels. The result of these complex recordings and edits leads to unimaginably realistic sound results at the tone transitions. At the same time, there are realistic-sounding combinations with additional, artificially inserted legato variants.

  • Perfect dynamic transitions thanks to Phase Align - In six months of research, all samples were adapted to each other in their phase position. Accordingly, the sound of the instruments convinces with absolutely seamless transitions between the dynamic levels without sound impairments.

user interface

The user interface of the Kontakt Player not only contains numerous functions for sound design and the adjustment of playing styles, but also gives the user a lot of freedom in the configuration. But also the fast application without own editing is taken care of: pre-programmed key switch presets allow a quick trial of all variants.

With four Dynamic Modes, Note-Head Designer, Key-Vibrato and Hot-Keys, as well as a revolutionary concept of articulation presets, the user interface gives the musician the feeling of actually playing these instruments live.

The playback engine of the Orchestral Brass EXtended has been optimized - the most remarkable is the "offset" fader within the Legato engine. This offers a whole new dimension of portamento transitions, from a complete slide between two notes to a more subtle glide. Using the Offset function in combination with the Speed fader offers an even wider range of options, especially if you are using MIDI controller data for automation in your DAW.

Orchestral brass sound in perfection

In addition to careful recording with high-quality technology, such as selected Neumann microphones, the musician himself naturally has a significant influence on sound aesthetics. In contrast to the award-winning Chris Hein - Horns, orchestral musicians from the WDR Symphony Orchestra were invited into the studio for this production.

For this production, a conscious decision was made to use a dry pickup microphone, whereby the instruments were recorded individually without any crosstalk. Nevertheless, Orchestral Brass takes into account the necessary interaction in the formation of sound between the orchestral musicians.

During the recordings, the musicians were able to orient themselves acoustically to their fellow players via headphones. Time-dependent articulations such as Dynamic Expression thus receive a particularly harmonious sound image that enables you to combine the individual instruments into perfectly coordinated ensembles.