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Best Service Halls of Fame 3 - Complete Edition

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Legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years in a plugin With Halls Of Fame 3 by Best... more
Best Service Halls of Fame 3 - Complete Edition

Legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years in a plugin

With Halls Of Fame 3 by Best Service you can bring the authentic sound of legendary Spring, Plate or Algorithm Reverbs into your project. Choose your perfect Impulse Responses from different packages and bundles and let yourself be overwhelmed by the authentic sound of renowned vintage devices and modern digital reverbs. Just download one of our high quality produced IRs in Halls Of Fame 3 and experience the tonal charm of a bygone era.

At the heart of Halls Of Fame 3 are these outstanding Impulse Responses. For this reason we have paid special attention to capture your hardware models as true to the original as possible and in all their details. Thanks to the first-class recordings in stereo and "true stereo", we have managed to reproduce them as lifelike as never before. The result is an easy-to-use Convolution Reverb that brings the sound of iconic reverbs straight into your studio.

The following content packages are included in Halls Of Fame 3 Complete:

Digital Legends

Lex 96L (2002) | Lex 96 (2007) | T600C (1998) | Bric M7 (2007) | R 880 (1988) | QRS 2496 (1997) | Even T 2016 (1983 / 2006) Reverb

Vintage Legends

EMT 240 (1974) | EMT 250 (1976) | Lex 224 (1978) | Lex 300 (1998) | Lex 480 (1987) | AKG BX 20 (1965)

(the individual content packages can also be purchased separately and added to the plugin)

The Interface

The intuitive GUI gives you direct access to the most important parameters you need to change the presets according to your needs. In addition, all parameters can be fully automated in real time - even the start and end points of the Impulse Responses. Due to its extensive adjustment possibilities, the application possibilities of this reverb extend far beyond those of its predecessors.

Also thanks to recordings with TRUE STEREO HDIR (High Definition Impulse Response) technology in 96 kHz resolution and 32 bit floating point wave format, the original sound has been captured as authentically as possible to give you only the best content for your Halls Of Fame 3. High-End "PrismSound" ADA-8XR Converter and "StraightWire" audio cable have further contributed to this unprecedented precision and unadulterated, crystal clear quality.

The most important features at a glance:

  • IRs of the 13 most legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years in one bundle

  • Produced in stereo and "true stereo" with the highest quality recording devices

  • Authentic sound thanks to detailed impulse responses

  • Intuitive GUI with direct access to the most important parameters

  • Over 3042 presets (1605 stereo and 1434 true stereo)

  • Content packages can also be purchased individually