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Best Service Chris Hein Ensemble Strings

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Chris Hein Ensemble Strings - the designed String Ensemble Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings is... more
Best Service Chris Hein Ensemble Strings

Chris Hein Ensemble Strings - the designed String Ensemble

Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings is an incredibly detailed, flexible and musical string ensemble library. The special thing about this library is that it is not a common ensemble sound, but the individual, carefully tuned instruments that were recorded and edited separately. Thus each instrument is perfectly tuned, sits excellently in the timing and fits seamlessly into the sound character of the ensemble. There's no wrong tone here to ruin the entire ensemble.

Carefully recorded, accurately reworked, and assembled into ten handy contact player instruments with a customized user interface and comprehensive scripting, Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings delivers the highest quality sound and articulations that deliver incredibly realistic results.

Scope of the Library

Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings was put together from a pool of over 120,000 samples of violins, violas, cellos and double basses to harmonious ensembles. Each single shot was carefully tuned and timed and then placed in the stereo panorama, before being mixed into an ensemble with the other shots, in 24-bit resolution of course. Thanks to this approach, articulations such as Pizzicato and Col Legno can each be played in a "Loose" and a "Tight" variant.

Two ensemble sizes for more flexibility

Two ensemble sizes are available for different applications:

  • "Full" for a big and wide sound

  • "Small" for a small, more filigree character

Both sections have up to eight dynamic layers. As with the Chris Hein - Solo Strings there are four "Dynamic Modes" for the string ensemble, functions like "Note-Head-Designer", "Key-Vibrato", "Hot-Keys" as well as the practical concept of the articulation presets, which with its user interface gives the musician the feeling to play these instruments really live. Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings and Chris Hein - Solo Strings play together perfectly. The string ensemble offers the optimal background for the solo instruments.

The articulations

Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings offers a total of 32 different articulations and ways of playing the instruments, which can be easily and musically used in the game through a straightforward key-switching system. The tempo of articulations, especially repetitions and runs, can be easily adjusted to the DAW host tempo.

Sustain, Sustain Vibrato, Dynamic Expression Long, Dynamic Expression Short, Accent Vibrato, Flautando, Ponticello, Trill 1 Minor / Major, Tremolo,Repetition, Pizzicato Tight / Loose, Col Legno Tight / Loose, Effects, Short 1 / 3 / 5 / 5, Spiccato 1 / 3 / 5 / 6, Run Up / Down, Octave Long / Short, 1 / 2 Octave Up, Cluster Cloud 1 / 2

The Ensemble Maker

Although these are already ensemble sounds, this library, like the solo libraries by Chris Hein, also features the Ensemble Maker, with which several voices can be layered here for an even more powerful sound. A division of the voices in the panorama and fine tuning intensifies the effect. Of course all articulations are still available here as well.

DSP effects section

The sound of the library is rounded off by a DSP effects section with ten effects. Two independent convolution reverb sections are available, equipped with 63 high-quality impulse responses.

fields of application

Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings delivers outstanding, detailed and above all musical results. The flexible ensembles can be used extremely expressively, especially for film scoring and the cinematic sector. But also music production in the areas of pop and ballads profit from the high-quality sounds and possibilities of this library.

Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings has even more to offer. For sound design, game setting and musical experiments, the library features special effect sounds as well as extraordinary articulations such as cluster clouds, octaves, repetitions, runs, flautando and ponticello.

The features at a glance

  • 10 instruments, 2 ensemble sizes "Full" & "Small

  • 30 GB content, 53,000 samples, 32 articulations

  • Up to 8 Dynamic Layers, 4 Dynamic Modes, Dynamic Expression Sustains

  • "designed" articulations, note header designers, hotkeys

  • Intelligent legato & portamento, glide fashion for realistic runs

  • 10 DSP included, 2 independent convolution reverbs, 63 high class impulse responses

  • Ensemble Maker, Micro-Tuner, Adjustable Fader Setting

  • LFO Vibrato incl. EQ, Adjustable Auto Vibrato

  • key vibrato