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Best Service The Orchestra

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The Orchestra is a revolutionary Kontakt Player Library, recorded with an 80-piece orchestra.... more
Best Service The Orchestra

The Orchestra is a revolutionary Kontakt Player Library, recorded with an 80-piece orchestra. At the heart of this instrument is a groundbreaking and proprietary Ensemble Engine that lets you turn your ideas into music quickly and easily.

Sonuscore: "We have found a way to revolutionize the way you compose complex orchestrated music. It's a completely new approach to quickly and easily create natural and multi-faceted orchestral tunings and rhythms."

The idea behind it

Orchestra libraries have become increasingly complex in recent years. The library manufacturers have captured every nuance of symphonic orchestras in countless articulations. But those who work under time pressure are not necessarily well served.

With this library we have brought to life a new, very simple approach to orchestral composition. Use these innovative tools to create fast ensemble sketches with minimal effort or to compose complex orchestral arrangements in detail.

Design your orchestral canvas as wide, as colorful and as detailed as you want.

Your ideas, your music - all in one instrument.

The Core: The Ensemble Engine

The Ensemble Engine is based on a series of independent arpeggiators and envelopes strongly inspired by the Sonuscore Origins series. Create pulsating rhythms and inspiring full arrangements with any key combination. All this without having to access pre-recorded phrases - you always have full control. It works no matter what chord or notes you play.
With minimal loading times and a large number of presets, you can create new orchestral figures and shapes all the time - right out of the box.

  • Independent arpeggiators and dynamic envelopes create vibrant and compelling orchestral colors

  • Load different instruments into 5 independent slots and play them together.

Faster composing with complete instrument groups

Choose from 192 presets in three categories

  • Orchestral Colors
    The Orchestral Colors Presets are practical combinations of instruments that you can play live on your keyboard.

  • Orchestral Rhythms
    Orchestral Rhythms are useful and easy to play figures for different orchestral parts, based on our Ensemble Engine.

  • animated orchestra
    The animated orchestra presets go even further, creating complex orchestrated rhythms from every note played. This is where magic comes in!

Playing the instruments:

Of course, all individual instrument patches are also available to you for free melody design.
In addition to the ensemble instrument, The Orchestra also includes 88 single-instrument patches for all standard sections and articulations in a symphonic orchestra, including percussion and a bonus choir.

Or unleash the full power of the orchestra with over 75 multi-track patches:

Multis allow you to generate even more spontaneous, immediate successes with the Ensemble Engine, as it works with multiple "The Orchestra" patches at once.
There are Full Orchestral Multis with single articulations for quick sketching or layering with other patches.
Animated Multis combine multiple instances of the Ensemble Engine to create fantastically complex results.

The samples: Rough and edgy - not "smooth polished"

The Orchestra was recorded with the goal of sounding a bit rougher and more "honest" than the usual orchestral Hollywood sound.
The Orchestra is a real alternative and promises pure and powerful sounds, punch and a lively musical experience.

The Orchestra's instruments were recorded in Budapest in the renowned Studio 22, mixed and arranged with great attention to detail. The musicians were recorded in a traditional sitting position in the same room, so the different sections merge perfectly. All essential articulations are available, including playable True Legato Samples and multiple Round Robins for short articulations.

Key features:

  • Groundbreaking Ensemble Engine

  • Freely playable instruments or breathtaking orchestral tunings and rhythms

  • Complete set of standard articulations

  • True Legato Interval Sampling

  • 192 ready-to-play ensemble presets

  • 75 Multi-Rack Patches

  • ~6.9 GB lossless compressed samples

  • 16500+ single samples

  • Fast loading times

  • min. Contact Player 5.7.0 required