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Best Service ERA II Medieval Legends

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ERA II Medieval Legends - a wonderful sound collection into the forgotten fantasy world of... more
Best Service ERA II Medieval Legends

ERA II Medieval Legends - a wonderful sound collection into the forgotten fantasy world of knights, princesses and dragons ...

ERA II takes us deeper into the Middle Ages than ever before. Eduardo Tarilonte, the creator of many award-winning libraries including Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and Shevannai, presents here the significantly expanded version of the first edition of ERA Medieval Legends.

ERA II offers an even more extensive selection of historical instruments. This library is the optimal instrument for film/TV soundtracks with historical background, fantasy games, but also for folk music, medieval rock and corresponding compositions.

For ERA II, Eduardo Tarilonte has created more than 70 (including 25 new) superbly recorded instruments and even more soundscapes, and programmed a generously extended and improved user interface on the Engine Player.

ERA II Medieval Legends:

  • 10 flutes

  • 8 woodwinds

  • 4 hunting horns

  • 3 brass players

  • 9 strings

  • 13 Stringed instruments

  • 3 Keyboards

  • 20 percussion instruments

  • 1 singing voice

The recordings took place in several specially selected Spanish studios, including Infinity Studios in Madrid and Eldana Studios in Dueñas. Among the numerous musicians involved were Rinaldo Valldeperas (crumhorn, shawm, renaissance soprano recorder), Efren López (quintern, bass citole, psalter, lute lute), Cecilia Nocilli and Lorena Porres.

All instruments and voices were recorded with a Neumann U87 using high-quality preamplifiers such as Avalon and Neve. The instruments were deliberately microphoned close to each other and thus without any room component, so that the user always has full control over the following sound and effect design.

ERA II aims to transport the musical atmosphere and sound aesthetics of the Middle Ages and the past into a DAW-supported production environment. The engine player's carefully programmed interface makes working with the library easy, so that the ERA sounds inspire the musician and allow him to fully develop his creativity. ERA II is like a captivating fantasy novel that takes musicians and composers on a journey back in time to dark and long gone times.

ERA II is suitable for different styles and genres. Beginning with the setting of medieval compositions to music with authentic timbres, the range of applications extends from Fanstasy music and soundtracks to new age music.

The sounds of ERA II are absolutely unique and cannot be found in any other library. In addition, the overwhelming selection of instruments, sounds and soundscapes gives the musician a complete compendium in which he will miss almost no sound.

ERA II relies on complex multisamples with numerous dynamic gradations, various articulations, round-robin and real legato samples. The 22 GB library contains all instruments and sounds of the first part.

New in ERA II

  • Winds = Renaissance Soprano Recorder, Renaissance Alto Recorder, Renaissance Tenor Recorder, Renaissance Bass Recorder, Traditional Soprano Recorder, Traditional Wooden Flute, Gemshorn, 2 holed flute, Tin Whistle, Wooden Transverse Flute, Renaissance Soprano Recorder, Renaissance Tenor Recorder

  • War Horns = Anyafil, Shofar, Celtiberic War Horn, War Horn

  • Bowed Strings = Bass Viola da Gamba, Fidule, Hurdy Gurdy, Viola de Roda, Bowed Psaltery, Tromba Marina, Nyckelharpa, Fiddle Grooves, Tenor viola da gamba

  • Keys = Organetto, Spinet, Virginal

  • Percussion = Army Piccolo Snare, Barbarian Frame Drum I, Barbarian Frame Drum II, Frame Drum (stick), Bombo Leguero, Bumbac High, Bumbac Mid, Bumbac Low, Distant Drums, Execution Snare

From ERA I

  • Reeds = Crumhorn Soprano, Crumhorn Alto, Crumhorn Tenor, Crumhorn Bass, Bagpipe A, Bagpipe D, Chirimia, Bombarde

  • Brass = Natural Trumpet, Sackbut, Cornetto

  • Plucked Strings = Baroque Guitar, Renaissance Lute, Renaissance Small Harp, Renaissance Small Bray Harp, Zither, Psaltery (Beaten), Medieval Psaltery, Grids, Bass Citole, Medieval Lute, Small Psaltery, Gothic Harp, Langeleik

  • Voices = Tavern Singers

  • Percussion = Execution Snare II, Juglar Snare, Tambourine I, Tambourine II, Tambourine III, Church Bells, Napoleonic Snare, Field Drum, Kettle Drums, Claps