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Best Service Klanghaus 2

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Klanghaus 2 - Exceptional instruments by Ferdinand Foersch With the virtual instrument... more
Best Service Klanghaus 2

Klanghaus 2 - Exceptional instruments by Ferdinand Foersch

With the virtual instrument KLANGHAUS 2 you get access to a collection of extraordinary instruments invented and designed by Ferdinand Foersch.
We recorded these instruments with great care and sampled them, then mapped and edited them in hundreds of hours according to Ferdinand Foersch's ideas and visions. The result is a completely new instrument full of surprises in different categories.

Klanghaus 2 adds over 900 grooves, loops and swells to this collection of tonal playable instruments, all of which can be creatively altered almost indefinitely.

Loops can be disassembled, rebuilt and restructured using arpeggiators and step sequencers. Preset-based effects and modulators also support your creativity and allow an unlimited variety of melodic sound structures.

The Klanghaus 2 interface is intuitive. You will find basic functions such as volume, panorama and ADSR curve as well as a variety of effects such as reverb, delay, phaser, bit crusher and much more. And with 8 arpeggiator/step sequencers and 14 modulators per patch you can create incredible sound worlds! Almost any function can be modulated with just 2 mouse clicks, a wide range of presets are available for all modulators!

The musician, artist and composer Ferdinand Försch has been inventing and building new musical instruments and sound sculptures since 1982.

To this day, more than one hundred instruments such as metal drums, string and combination instruments, sound pictures, drum and sound walls as well as sound machines have been created from a wide variety of materials.

His instruments are actively used in concerts, live performances and exhibitions all over the world (The Kitchen, N.Y.C., Shanghai Arts Festival, West Africa, numerous European festivals etc.).

A central inspiration for his work has always been the relationship between the acoustic and the visual, between sound and form, hearing and seeing. Through his creative work in this interplay Ferdinand Försch achieves an unparalleled uniqueness in his great diversity.

In 1997 Ferdinand Försch founded the "KLANGHAUS" in Hamburg, an experimental forum for concerts, exhibitions and performances. After 30 years the KLANGHAUS Library as a virtual instrument based on the Best Service "ENGINE" allows us a deep insight into the fascinating sound world of a true artist.

Library Size: 4,03 GB

Requires Free Engine or newer