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Best Service Galaxy X

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"I must tell you that Galaxy X is certainly in a category of its own" After three years of... more
Best Service Galaxy X

"I must tell you that Galaxy X is certainly in a category of its own"

After three years of development Galaxy Instruments and Best Service present an exciting new virtual instrument with an extraordinary kind of sound design: Galaxy X.
X is a CONVOLUTION SYNTHESIZER that provides a very powerful and creative sound design tool: Effect Convolution.

X is equipped with more than 1400 Convolution X files, with which the 15GB of source sounds recorded especially for X can be completely changed.

The more than 1000 directly playable instrument layers offer a quick introduction to the X sound world. However, with the intuitive and effective user interface, an existing layer can be completely changed or created from scratch in no time at all.
Welcome to a new world of sound design.

Galaxy X delivers a complete production package with the three instrument categories X-Keys, X-FX and X-Loops:

X-FX - for extraordinary effect sounds of any kind

X-KEYS - for tonal playable instruments

X-LOOPS - with thousands of special effect loops

The sound categories range from spheres, impacts, rhythms, bowed, beat and plucked instruments to tonal playable loops, countless effect sounds, morphings and electronics to sequences, cinematic soundscapes, wild ambiences, drones, effect grooves or reversed sounds. From "smooth&deep" to "hard & heavy" and much more.
For Score Music - Games - Ambient - Chill - Soundtrack - Trance - Electronic Music - Dance - Pop - Progressive - Experimental ... for all who are looking for new inspiring sounds!

X Convolution

In the world of audio engineering, convolution is a process in which two sounds are 'multiplied' together or one audio file is 'folded' over another. The result is a hybrid of the two original sounds, which offers unprecedented possibilities in the world of sound design.
In Galaxy X these two sounds are called sources and X-files.
The sources are the basic sounds, special sample sets recorded and programmed exclusively for use with Effect Convolution. All in all, X delivers over 15 gigabytes of basic material, consisting of almost 1000 tonal playable instruments, over 2000 effect sounds and over 5000 loops.
The X-Files are impulse responses that were created especially for Effekt Convolution and can completely change the sound of the sources.
Through the Convolution X-Files of the X-Engine, a celesta mutates into a tuning orchestra, a bowed vibraphone sinks into the resonances of a piano, a sitar breaks into a glass clash or a tonal dance loop emerges from a Kalimba.
The combination of Sources and X-Files allows the creation of an unlimited number of new sounds.

The "X-AUGE"

The X-Eye is the center of the X user interface. Its colour corresponds to the strength of the Convolution effect used.
A great feature of X is the constant and extremely simple control of the Convolution effect, which is dynamically controlled by the modulation wheel or any other midi controller.
In this way, the final sound of the X can be continuously musically adjusted and modulated. When composing, decide spontaneously how strongly the source should be edited by the Convolution effect.

The recordings

Food for the Beast - The Sources
X offers thousands of basic source sounds based on over 16000 samples

Among them are hundreds of tonal playable sources like bowed mallets and cymbals, overtone instruments, waterphones, mini-celesta, synthetic and acoustic sounds, different pianos, plucked and beaten instruments, noises or reversed sounds.

Over 2000 effect sounds such as magic balls, buzz bows, circuit bent noises, scratched cymbals, electronic effects, industrial and machine samples or flute and vocal phrases.

Over 5000 extraordinary loops like Tongue Drum, Body-Percussion, World-Percussion, Tonal Loops, Chopped Grooves, Big Bang Hits or Weird Loops like Rod-Spring-Piano or Trembling Chimes.

X FILES - Impulse responses

The X-Files radically change the sources, be it the envelope, the frequency response, the stereo position, tonality and resonance. The kind of effect they create always depends on the interaction between source and X-File. As a virtual instrument that contains both the sources and the convolution samples, Galaxy X offers for the first time the possibility to tune the samples in an integrated system.
The X-Files have been recorded and processed in various ways.
These are resonances and noises of various instruments, phrases, voices, processed ambient noises, different rooms, vintage equipment such as tape delays or old record players. Sounds for filtering and transforming the sources were programmed and various loops were recorded and processed, resulting in tonal playable loops.
Since X-Files can be used reversed, X offers a myriad of reverse effects.

The user interface

Galaxy X brings for the first time complex and detailed basic samples and X-Files into one virtual instrument. This allows you to precisely tune all sounds and aspects of the Effect Convolution into a holistic system with an intuitive, simple and yet very effective user interface.
The selection of the basic samples starts in the upper triangle of the surface, the Sources area. Up to three sources can be combined, which in itself represents a whole range of complex sounds. These combined basic sounds take their way, counterclockwise, into the next module.

The Pre-X engine prepares the basic samples for the Convolution effect. The source can be distorted or bit and sample rates can be reduced, resulting in a very variable interaction with the X-File. This dirt section is followed by either a groove and sequence module (X-Keys and X-FX) or an EQ/filter section (X-Loops). Contour forms the envelope of the source using a compressor and Repeat adds filtered echoes, which are then processed by the Convolution effect.

The combination of the basic sample sets and the subsequent editing by the Pre-X effects alone makes an incredibly large number of complex sounds possible. But this is only the basis of the X-Engine.

The X-Engine is the convolution module of the X. At this point, the X-file is selected, its length and tuning determined, synchronized to the tempo and reversed. Probably the most important parameter is the 'X-Factor', which determines the strength of the convolution effect. The X-Factor is controlled by the modulation wheel by default (unless another controller is selected) and is always visualized through the central X-eye so you can always keep an eye on the strength of the convolution effect.

At the end the Post-X engine finalizes the 'Xed' sound with a panorama automation, color and filter settings and the final space module. Space is another convolution module, but it is used (almost) exclusively for adding reverb effects, from small surreal rooms to the Taj Mahal.

Facts & Features

  • Convolution Synthesizer from Galaxy Instruments

  • Based on sound synthesis by FX-Convolution

  • Integrated system for FXConvolution in one instrument

  • Consisting of 3 libraries: X-Keys, X-FX and X-Loops

  • Over 1000 directly playable instrument layers

  • Simple and intuitive creation of your own sounds

  • 15GB of source material

  • 800 Source Key Instruments

  • 5000 Source Loops

  • 2000 Source Effect Sounds

  • 1400 Convolution X-Files to change the source sounds

  • Intuitive and flexible user interface

  • "Readytoplay" and "Readytocreate"

  • Simple dynamic control of the Convolution share

  • Visualization of the effect portion by the X-eye

  • Musical and intuitive Pre-X and Post-X effects

  • Endless possibilities for creative sound design