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Best Service Studio Box Mark III

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Excellent sound designers and sound artists have done a great job in the production of this... more
Best Service Studio Box Mark III

Excellent sound designers and sound artists have done a great job in the production of this library. Studio Box, now in the Mark III version, is one of the most comprehensive and versatile sound effect libraries ever, worldwide. A great sound archive for film, advertising, music and game production.

  • Detailed German table of contents

  • Royalty-free 16 and 24 bit sound files in wav format.

  • About 10,000 sounds, 30 gigabytes of data.


Nature Backgrounds and Ambiences
Nature, background noise, moods

Nature recordings in unbelievable authenticity, thanks to the best recording equipment and various microphone positions.

Wind, storm, rain, hail, thunder, fire. Recordings at different times of day and night in forests, meadows and mountain regions. Finest nuances like the rustling of leaves in trees, village scenes with blackbirds, dog and cock, village pond with frogs,
water shots (coast, brook, river) and many animals (cow, donkey, horse, pig, sheep but also predators as well as whales and dolphins) and
many more.

Humanity in all its Variety
Human in all variations

Traditional songs and instruments from different cultures and customs. Recordings in coffeehouses and restaurants, pubs, beer gardens, public festivals and markets. Loudspeaker announcements (police, plane, train station, airport). Children at the playground and at school. Applause and laughter. Single scenes like the bite in an apple. A great variety of sports (gymnastics, skateboarding, football, ice hockey, tennis, billiards, karate). Individual ball strokes and stadium atmosphere. Large selection of foot steps on stone, road, meadow and in the snow (pumps, boots, street shoes).

Traffic and Machines
Transport and machinery

Large selection and sonic variety of large and small industrial robots, printing machines, office and household machines, turbines. Stomping and rattling building tools, rattling and buzzing toy motor skills.

Vehicles (car, motorcycle, bus, truck) individually and in general city traffic. Boats, planes, helicopters, trams, trains. Sirens and alarms.

Intergalactic World

Amazing noises, sound carpets, atmospheres and moods, produced by top sound designers with the help of oscillators, filters, synthesizers and various noise sources. Recorded with the best recording techniques.
Impressive sound landscapes as creative cornerstones for your production.


Sounds for film, TV, games and trailers - a bubbling source of extraordinary, unusual and valuable special effects.
A large selection of button clicks, roll-overs, cartoon effects (zap, boing, sweep, buzzers), music instruments and cluster sounds.

Studio Box Mark III comes with an easy to use, alphabetical and also "cross" linked searching user manual - in English and German language.


Sound & Recordings:

  • Terry Drivas, Washington, USA

  • Ingrid & Martin Garfoot, London, GB

  • Dieter Kandler, St Augustin, Canada

  • Horst Bösing, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany

  • Gerhard Kornhuber, Vienna, Austria

  • Markus Krause, Hamburg, Germany

  • Holger Leonhard, Munich, Germany

  • Freddy Rettberg, Hamburg, Germany

Concept & additional sound recordings:

  • Klaus Kandler, Munich