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Best Service Cantus

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Cantus, Gregorian Chants Eduardo Tarilonte brings Cantus, a genuine Gregorian choir, as a... more
Best Service Cantus

Cantus, Gregorian Chants

Eduardo Tarilonte brings Cantus, a genuine Gregorian choir, as a further component of his vocal series. Enrich your film music, documentaries, games and music productions with lifelike medieval monk chorales.

Incomparable reality...

Pure inspiration...

Cantus is unique. A choir library that allows you to easily create your own and absolutely realistic liturgical melodies without having to resort to fixed phrases.

Cantus has an innovative phrase arranger that lets you combine 24 words (120 elements: words and syllables) with 5 "true legato" vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and special "Mmmh" articulations with just a few mouse clicks in one patch.

With Cantus you get:

  • 5 different "True Gregorian Style Legatos" (a, e, i, o, u)

  • "Mmmh" articulation

  • A powerful phrase arranger with 24 words, 3 different articulations (staccato, fast and slow speeds).

  • All words can be spliced, so a total of 120 words/syllables are available.

  • All words can be combined with "True Legato", whereby the corresponding vowel is automatically selected.

  • A collection of 20 Gregorian chorales, divided into 400 phrases

  • 60 minutes of music

  • 19 soundscapes, composed of vocal samples

  • 6,000 samples (stereo, 44kHz, 24 bit), library size 2.8 GB.

  • Includes free contact player (version 5.5 or higher required)

We thank the Schola Gregoriana Hispana, the fantastic Gregorian ensemble with more than 25 years of experience.
Special thanks also go to choir director Francisco Javier Lara, who already achieved world fame with the Monks Of Silos and their album Chant.

From now on, updates for your cantus and your instrument are available in your Native Instruments customer account or in the Native Instruments Service Center.mysticaLibrary is available. With this update Cantus and Mystica have been made compatible and you can now exchange Phrase Arranger presets between both libraries. This update is a "must have" for all Cantus and Mystica owners.

Thomas Mavian for filmandgamecomposers.com:

"If you ever need to write something remotely connected to gregorian monks chanting you'd be a fool not to try Cantus."

Eduardo Tarilonte:

Since I started developing Sample Libraries in 2006, it has been my long-cherished dream to record a real Gregorian choir. With CANTUS I was finally able to turn this dream into reality. What at first glance looked like a simple task turned out to be a real challenge in retrospect. The biggest hurdle was to find an authentic Gregorian choir that was also really good. Gregorian music has its very own nuances. It is not enough to record a choir that tries to sound Gregorian, you don't get the "real" Gregorian feeling. If you don't pay attention to the fine details and record them, or if you don't love Gregorian music, all authenticity will be missing. The mystical, medieval sound, so unique that it touches the soul, the vibrations of lonely monasteries in the mist and the call to prayer, all these mysterious mysteries are contained in this library.

For several reasons I decided to record CANTUS in a "dry" studio environment. Gregorian chants and reverb are wonderful partners. Therefore the recordings should not be connected with only one special room. You may want to use your very own preferred Hall plugin. With Cantus, you are free to make all reverb settings according to your personal taste.

We recorded Cantus with 8 Neumann microphones and mixed them together to get the real "monk sound". I wanted you to be able to hear and feel the breath of the monks in these cold monasteries as you play the library.

The library has become a dream come true for me and as in all of my libraries, all my suffering is in it. I hope you feel the same way. Enjoy your journey into the mysterious world of ancient monasteries.


February 2014