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Best Service Forest Kingdom II

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Ancient sounds from ancient civilizations Forest Kingdom II is the continuation of the... more
Best Service Forest Kingdom II

Ancient sounds from ancient civilizations

Forest Kingdom II is the continuation of the award-winning Best Service Sample Library Forest Kingdom by Eduardo Tarilonte, author of "Era", "Desert Winds", "Epic World" and many others.

Forest Kingdom II enchants with sounds from magical forests and primeval jungles.
Sounds and instruments of Mother Nature, accompanied by mythical creatures, lead through fascinating soundscapes and inspire new compositions.

Forest Kingdom II is the perfect tool for composers and sound designers to compose music and atmospheres for movies, documentaries, video games or New Age music.

In the depths of the mysterious jungle you will find the most diverse flutes, harps, percussion instruments, fantasy creatures and magical sound worlds. Wind instruments never sampled before resurrect ancient times, ancient percussion instruments lead through the ethnic tribal areas of the forests.

With a total of 11GB, far more extensive than ever before, Forest Kingdom II offers over 300 patches, 430 unique MIDI files and 12,665 individual detailed samples.

True legato, Portamento, Round Robin and extensive articulations, controllable via Key Switch let your creativity run free.

Besides the many new instruments, patches, MIDI grooves and soundscapes, the complete content of Forest Kingdom (I) is included in the library.

What's new at Forest Kingdom II ?

Many features have been significantly improved in Forest Kingdom II, such as "True Legato", significantly faster loading times, careful handling of RAM memory. Also the patches of Forest Kingdom (I) were revised and raised to the level of the new library.

New in detail:

  • More than 100 new, now more than 300 patches

  • 7 new inspiring wind instruments

  • 21 new percussion instruments

  • A beautiful music box

  • 300 inspiring, powerful multitrack performance MIDI grooves, each over 30 seconds long; that's 3 hours of musical inspiration ½

  • 130 MIDI Files for Percussion Instruments

  • 70 new soundscapes

  • Completely new graphical user interface

The included Best Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player gives you easy and intuitive access to all of the library's parameters.


wind instruments

  • Aztec Clay Flute I

  • Aztec Clay Flute II

  • didgeridoo

  • Moseño flute

  • Raj Nplaim flute

  • Konkovka, Wooden Overtone Flute

  • PVC Overtone (Phrases)

  • Bulgarian Piccolo Flute

  • Native American Kiowa Flute

  • African Fula Flute

  • Double Flute

  • Maya Shell Horn

  • Xiao

  • A complete panpipe set, from the smallest to the "giant" (1,5 meters high, from B0 to C6 )

Celtic Harps

  • Two magic harps (acoustic and electric)


  • A beautiful ethereal solo voice with real legato and shamanic phrases.

Fantasy Creatures

  • A series of sounds of fantasy creatures and bird voices.


  • Ambient Wind Chimes

  • Bata Drums (3)

  • berimbau

  • claves

  • Culo e Puya Drums (3)

  • djembe

  • frame drum

  • Jawbone

  • Kalimba

  • Qraqueb

  • Quitipla

  • Shekere Set (3)

  • Tibetan Bowl

  • Tribal Maracas I

  • Tribal Maracas II

  • numerous different shakers

  • chimes

  • taiko

  • puffy

  • cumacos

  • slic drum

  • udu

  • marimbola (a huge kalimba)

  • and other...


  • 150 inspiring and unique soundscapes